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    Prophecies of Nostradamus

        Nostradamus was a French physician and astrologer who wrote 'Centuries', a famous collection of prophecies published in 1555. The prophecies in this publication appear in four-line rhyming verses called quatrains. In vague language, they describe events from the mid-1500s through the 'end of the World', which is predicted to come in 3797 AD. The name 'Nostradamus' is a Latin name he used in place of his original name, Michel de Notredame. Working as a physician, he earned a reputation as a specially gifted healer.

        I will only explain some of Nostradamus quatrains, just to give us an idea of the Era in which we are now living, filled with evilness, hate, egoism and a great imbalance created by man himself, who has been the cause of great suffering and sorrow –plagues, famine, devastating earthquakes, terrible hurricanes, wars, catastrophes, etc.- to humanity.

    Century 10, Quatrain 72

    In the year 1999 and seven months
    The Great King of Terror will come from the sky,
    He will bring back to life the great king of the Mongols
    Before and after the God of war reigns happily.

    Explanation: An antichrist will emerge. There will be wars before and after his arrival. Nostradamus is not predicting the End of the World, but a purificational

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    process for humanity due to tremendous World upheaval.

    Century 2, Quatrain 46

    After a great misery for mankind an even greater approaches.
    The great cycle of the centuries is renewed:
    It will rain blood, milk, famine, war and disease.
    In the sky will be seen a fire, dragging a tail of sparks.

    Explanation: There will be pain and sorrow on people on Earth just as Christ predicted will happen at the 'End of Times' –famine, war, diseases, etc.- This might be linked with the appearance of a comet in the sky.

    Century 9, Quatrain 83

    The Sun in 20 degrees Taurus.
    There will be a great earthquake; the great theater full up will be ruined.
    Darkness and trouble in the air, on the sky and land,
    When the infidel calls upon God and the Saints.

    Explanation: There will be a great earthquake in the future, maybe after the year 2000. Darkness and trouble in the air, on the sky and land, refers to the problems that we will have in our ecosystem and because of wars and the overpopulation.

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    Century 6, Quatrain 10

    In a short time the colors of the temples;
    With black and white, the two will be intermingled.
    The red and yellow ones will carry off their possessions from (their temples).
    Blood, earth, plague, hunger, fire, maddened by thirst.

    Explanation: There will be chaos and confusion in the religions around the World; they will tend to loose adepts very fast. Some other people will search for a new path in spirituality. There will be suffering and sorrow –catastrophes created by man itself, plague, famine wars, etc.- As time goes by all religions in the World will tend to disappear, giving way to a new spiritual knowledge that has to be given by a being sent by God Almighty.

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