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    Indian Mystics

         There are hundreds of false Gurus all over the World. In India, many pseudo-leaders are guiding people astray. Some appear to people as saintly persons by performing unbelievable miracles, despite the fact that many Great Souls, such as Buddha, declared: "Seeing the drawback to the miracles of psychic power and telepathy, I feel horrified, humiliated, and disgusted with the miracles of psychic power and telepathy. The only miracle that a person should practice, is the miracle of instruction." Some others -false Gurus- are surrounded by riches and luxury; despite this fact, these 'teachers' usually attract many followers into their environment, leading them to spiritual chaos. What these false preceptors really offer the World, is their own ignorance and confusion.

        Also there is another great problem, because if you pray to a not fully realized 'spiritual master', or if you pray to the saint or deity of its choice, then you create an energetic -spiritual- connection with them, merging into their energy -into the spiritual status of that deity or 'preceptor'. Some of those deities or 'teachers', have a low spiritual status, so as time goes by, through righteous actions, you can evolve to higher spiritual stages and as you move closer to the spiritual status attained by those deities, some of them might become jealous of your spiritual progress, blocking your spiritual path. Those deities are attached to their senses, they are not free from their emotions

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    –jealousy, anger, hatred, egoism, envy, etc.- In this era -Kali Yuga- anyone can evolve higher than any of those deities, such as saints, boddhisattvas and devas. You usually think that these deities or 'preceptors' are fully realized souls, mainly because they are endowed with countless siddhis -occult powers- giving sight to the blind and curing the sick by will, appearing and disappearing certain objects also by will, etc. Possession of siddhis, however, is not the test to declare the greatness of a sage or a deity, or to prove that any of them have attained Self-realization. A real Guru does not exhibit miracles, or any kind of miraculous powers.

        Being in the presence of a real Guru, or praying with love, devotion and surrender to Him, then a miracle, always according to God's Will, takes place. Only a fully realized Guru, is capable of removing part, or all of the negative karma -stains within the soul- of an individual, transferring it to the Almighty, where it is extinguished. Some miracles are spectacularly manifested by some false Gurus, such as giving sight to the blind, curing people from what we know as incurable diseases, etc. You must realize that these people are suffering, because of their previous wrongful actions. The Law of Cause and Effect is uninfringeable and no one escapes from it, operating in every situation, in every place, at every level of creation, and at any time within the created Universe. The effects of a deed, word or thought, sometimes are immediate, but in some cases days, months, years or lifes must elapse till the precise

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    moment determined by God comes about. Remember that God is perfect and always just, and only he knows the precise moment for past karmas -actions- to bear fruit, even though you can perceive injustice in his decisions, due to your limited understanding. The law of karma is actually a law of harmony and equilibrium, wisely and equitably adjusting each effect to its cause.

        Suffering covers two different facets in your life. First is learning, allowing an individual to meditate and reflect before acting once again in a wrongful manner and therefore to build a better future by performing good karma -positive deeds, words and thoughts. Secondly, suffering purifies your soul from previous improper behaviour, extinguishing bad karma and that is why illnesses, accidents, calamities, and all types of suffering are present in your life, but you must always keep in mind that this suffering is teaching you a lesson, purifying your soul, in order to attain spiritual liberation. It is very important to deal with this suffering. You must accept all the hard tests -pain and difficulties- that are present in your life, because if there is unconformity or rebelliousness towards your destiny, then you will be in disagreement with God's Will and this attitude will automatically estrange you from God's Light, hindering your evolution towards spiritual liberation. Everybody gets exactly what he/she deserves. For example, a person has a terrible illness, cancer. That person tries to get cured by going to several doctors and by carefully following all medical instructions. But years go by and he cannot get fully cured, so he prays to the Almighty with

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    faith and devotion and apparently nothing happens. Somebody informs this fellow that he should pray to a very miraculous saint. This fellow starts praying to him with faith, devotion and surrender towards that deity and all of a sudden a miracle takes place and this person gets fully cured. Obviously that illness, was purifying the soul of the individual and the Almighty had determined that it would be better for that person to be ill for the rest of his life, because that sickness was necessary for him to purify his soul, in such a way that he could attain a higher stage in spiritual evolution. Nevertheless, this message was not understood by the individual, as he began praying to the Supreme and then he found himself praying to lower spiritual entities, that he found more accessible towards his demands, giving him what he needed or wanted at that particular moment of his life, but unfortunately this might perilously obstruct his spiritual evolution, because the deities -saints, angels, devas, etc. that we are usually worshipping, have not attained spiritual liberation and by worshipping these deities, we create a spiritual connection with them, merging into their energy, and the stains that their souls have, because of its past wrongful actions, contaminate our souls, creating in us tremendous problems, that will be present in our lifetime, or in future incarnations, such as illnesses, sorrows, sufferings, calamities, accidents, physical deformities, mental retardation, etc. Another problem is that material gains, fortunes, excellent health, etc. are prayed for and accrued by the devotees, then the deities, take away in turn from them,

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    punya -merit or light within the soul- and baghyam -good luck stored within the soul, acquired by the performance of good deeds- causing further lowering of their soul.

        Nobody likes to suffer, though suffering, as I stated before, purifies your soul and only a real spiritual master knows exactly what is best for your spiritual evolution. A real Guru may be able to see the past, present and future of the devotee -Trikala Jnani- and thereby, he is capable of knowing all the past karmas -actions- performed by you, in this lifetime and in all your previous incarnations. God's knowledge is within a fully realized Guru's soul. Sometimes an illness is the best thing for you at a particular time in your existence, as it is shown in a previous example, though, it is usually very difficult for you to fully understand and assimilate the spiritual concepts. That is why sometimes you pray to a fully realized Guru, or to God Himself and apparently you get negative results. But, on the contrary, the results are perfect according to God's Will, though you do not have the capacity of understanding the real spirituality and you think that saints, angels, devas and all kinds of deities, are full of love and compassion, because they mainly help us to attain our material and emotional goals, hindering us from the real spiritual path. You must remember that the only purpose for incarnating on Earth is EVOLUTION.

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