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    Mayan Prophecies and the Harmonic Convergence

        On July 6th 1987, it was revealed to me through clairvoyance, that I should inform my family and the people who meditate with me at that time, that many hardships would arise to humanity in the next forty days, in order to purify people's souls. In my spiritual visions I could see that every celestial body in the Universe –stars or suns, planets and asteroids- has an aura or energy field. This energy is usually directly proportional to the spiritual evolution of the people that inhabit a specific place in the Cosmos. The energetic field that surrounds our Earth is now going through radical changes, giving us the precious opportunity to reinforce our souls with an unprecedented force. I was totally amazed when on Monday morning, August 16, precisely forty days after my vision, I read the local newspaper finding out that in Machu Pichu, Peru, in Central Park, New York, in the pyramid complexes of Giza in Egypt, in Teotihuacan, Mexico and also in some other mystic places around the World, people of different races and creeds had gathered in order to celebrate what Jose Argüelles, famous author of many books regarding Mayan prophecy, called the Harmonic Convergence. A global transformation was the cause of celebration of the Harmonic Convergence.

        Cuauhtemoc the last Aztec emperor of Mexico, who was killed by the Spaniards, asked the counsel of priests why the Spaniards had massacred his town. He was answered that with the arrival of the Spaniards, a period of

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    darkness had begun and that spiritual knowledge would suffer a collapse. According to Maya tradition in 1519 a cycle of 'Nine Hells' began. Each 'Hell' is composed by fifty two years and four hundred and sixty eight years is the duration of these 'Nine Hells'. Amazingly 1987 marks the end of this cycle. It is an interesting fact to point out that it is the same year when the Harmonic Convergence was celebrated all around the World.

        On March 4, 1519, Hernán Cortés, with 11ships and 600 soldiers landed on the coast near what was to become Veracruz City. By August 13 1521, he had conquered the Aztec Empire, the most powerful state in all of the Americas. Upon its ruins Cortés founded Mexico City. Part of the reason for his success was a case of mistaken identities, the Indians believing that he was a god named Quetzalcóatl, whose return had long been prophesied. The original Quetzalcóatl, whose name means 'plumed serpent' and who was identified with the planet Venus, probably lived at the start of the fourth age, around 3114 BC and initiated a highly ethical religion of penance. This later degenerated into wrongful behavior, such as human sacrifice: physical hearts being offered to the sun, instead of a true love and unselfish sacrifice to humanity. The consequence of all these dark practices, led to the conquest of the Aztecs and to suffering and sorrow. Remember that every word, thought or action has unavoidably its consequences. To every action, there is an equal reaction of the same magnitude but in opposite direction; this is the explanation of what happened to

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    the Mexican Indians and also it is the explanation to massive catastrophes, plague, famine and enormous problems in certain countries.

        In 755 AD, Maya Priests prophesied the total solar eclipse of July 11, 1991 would herald two life altering events for humankind: Cosmic Awareness and Earth Changes.

        Some investigations lead to the knowledge that by the use of ancient calendar cycles based on the Cosmos, the Mayas understood that the spring equinox of 1995 is the completion of a Mayan prophecy that marks the end of two cycles of K'altun –two cycles of 260 years-, bringing us to the time when ancient and lost knowledge is to be reawakened. The Mayas understand it is the end of the 'age of belief' and the beginning of 'the age of knowledge'. A Great Soul must come in this golden era to give correction to the old spiritual paths given to humanity in the past and to reestablish the correct Spiritual Law of this era, giving us the opportunity to attain spiritual liberation at tremendous speed like never before. We will be able to understand all that knowledge that had been lost and forgotten.

        Some of us have been experiencing an inner calling towards spirituality. In Spring 1991, we entered a new cycle of time that the Mayas believe will be deeply profound and exceptionally transforming, far surpassing what we have experienced to date. We are in the beginning of a very important transition period; a new spiritual lineage will be born on this planet. Navajyothisri

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    Karunakara Guru in Pothencode, Kerala, South India prophesied a few years back that some babies are being born since 1973 with a new spiritual force, heralding the beginning of a new era of great spiritual purification and awakening. From that year onwards, every 12 years, newborns will incarnate with even more spiritual energy than its predecessors. Through clairvoyance, I have seen that the DNA –genetic code- is changing in humans and also in nature; therefore we are going through a radical change within ourselves, physically and spiritually.

        The following, paraphrase from a sacred Mayan text: 'In the year 1475, before the arrival of the Spaniards, the Supreme Maya Council revealed that a calendar cycle of twice the K'altun of 260 years had to go by in order for the Mayan Solar Culture to flourish again for the benefit of mankind..... In the spring of 1995, this 520-year period will be completed, bringing to an end the cycle of darkness brought by the Spaniards to the land of the Sun.... 1995 is a decisive year and the sacred human race will have to enter the path of Divine Light if it is to remain a thinking species.... The human race will have to seek the path of initiation on Earth and in Heaven....'

        This prophecy is the call for everyone all over the World, to bridge the gaps between the continents, religions, cultures and races for all ages, for all time. It is time to open our hearts and begin to live according to a real spiritual path. We must remember that this is the era of samkara –cohesive consolidation of

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    all castes, creeds, religions, etc.- A composite culture must be accepted that goes along with the Divine Law. As time goes by, all religions will tend to unify into a single one and also there will be no more differences in race, castes and creeds, therefore a global unification will take place on Earth.

        According to the Mayan calendar the 'Birth of Venus' began on August 13 3114 BC. Starting from the Birth of Venus, after 13 baktuns (5125 years) –December 22, 2012 AD- the World would come to an end, ending our own 'Age of the Jaguar', the fifth and final 'sun'. Nevertheless this is not to be considered as the 'end of the world', but as the end of an era of false and erroneous beliefs in the spiritual arena to give birth to a new period where a new and real spiritual wisdom –Sanatana Dharma- must be given to the World. For some reason this knowledge, that once reigned on this planet, was eclipsed for millions of years. This new and pure spiritual wisdom must prevail on Earth for all eternity. 

        There will be a rare celestial alignment between the sun and our galaxy in December 22, 2012 AD. The winter solstice sun will align with the Milky Way. 'Mountain Astrologer' published an article on this topic in their December 1994 issue. There will be an alignment between the galactic and solar planes. Specifically, the winter solstice sun will conjunct the Milky Way.

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