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    Marshall Herff Applewhite and Heaven’s Gate

        ‘Heaven's Gate' was the latest of three organizations founded by Marshall Herff Applewhite and Bonnie 'Ti' Lu Trusdale Nettles, a.k.a. 'The Two'. The first was Human Individual Metamorphosis which they organized in 1975. They traveled to the Colorado desert to wait for the arrival of a UFO. None came. Bonnie Nettles died of cancer in 1985. Applewhite organized a new group called Total Overcomers Anonymous in 1993.

        They believe that about 2000 years ago, a group of extra-terrestrials came to Earth from the Kingdom of Heaven. One of these was 'Do'. He was given instructions by 'Ti', his female companion, whom he referred to as his 'Heavenly Father'. He left his body behind, transported to Earth in a spaceship, and incarnated (moved into) a human body, that of Jesus Christ. A second group of extra-terrestrials returned to Earth, starting in the 1920's. Do was the Captain of this expedition; Ti was the Admiral. They each moved into a human body, but somehow became scattered. Do and Ti held public meetings to disseminate their beliefs. They were pleasantly surprised to find that most of their converts were the long-lost crew members.

        They believed that by committing suicide together at the correct time, they will leave their containers -bodies- behind. The soul goes to sleep until it is 'replanted' in another container. Eventually, the soul will be grafted onto a representative of the 'level above human'. 21 women and 18 men voluntarily

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    committed suicide in three groups on three successive days starting on March 23, 1997.

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