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    The Prophecies of St. Malachy

        The Irish Archbishop St. Malachy (1094-1148) was reported to have possessed paranormal powers such as levitation, healing and clairvoyance. En route to the Vatican, he had a vision, in which he saw a procession of all the Popes from his day till the 'End of Times', so he created a list of future pontiffs, numbering 112 in all, beginning with Celestine II in the year 1143. According to St Malachy's prophecies, the current Pope, Benedict XVI, is number 111. He will be succeeded by only one more Pope and then will take place a global judgment for humanity.

        Malachy assigned short descriptions in Latin to each pope when he committed his vision to paper. These mottoes usually refer to a family name, birthplace, coat-of-arms, or office held before election to the papacy.

        To show the accuracy of Malachy's prophecies, I will give a short list of the last ten Popes with their mottoes.

        'Ignis ardens' (The burning fire). Pius X. 1903-1914. This Pope showed a burning passion for spiritual renewal in the Church.

        'Religio depopulata' (Religion laid waste). Benedict XV. 1914-1922. During this Pope's reign Communism moved into Russia where religious life was laid waste, and World War I with the death of millions of Christians.

        'Fides intrépida' (Unshaken Faith). Pius XI. 1922-1939. This Pope faced tremendous pressure from fascist and sinister powers in Germany and Italy, but

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    he was an outspoken critic of Communism and Fascism.

        'Pastor angelicus' (Angelic shepherd). Pius XII. 1939-1958. This Pope had an affinity for the spiritual World and received visions which have not been made public. Peter Bander says 'Pius XII has emerged as one of the great Popes of all time', and he 'was in the truest sense of the word an Angelic Pastor to the flock...'

        'Pastor y nauta' (Pastor and Mariner). John XXIII. 1958-1963. John was a pastor to the World, much beloved, and the Patriarch of Venice. The connection to 'mariner' is thus remarkable.

        'Flos florum' (Flower of Flowers). Paul VI. 1963-1978. Paul's coat-of-arms depicts three fleurs-de-lis.

        'De medietate Lunae' (Of the Half Moon). John Paul I. 1978-1978. He was elected as the Pope on a day when there was a half moon, but his mission was truncated when he unexpected and mysteriously died after thirty three days of being elected.

        'De labore solis' (The Labor of the Sun). John Paul II. 1978-2005. John Paul II was the most traveled Pope in history, preaching to millions of people everywhere he went. Even though he was once shot, that incident did not diminish his faith, strong will power and capacity to do things.

        'The Glory of the Olive'. Benedict XVI. 2005-? The olive is the symbol of the founder of the Benedictine order –St. Benedictine-.

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        'Peter the Roman'. This is going to be the final Pope and maybe at this time the Roman Catholic Church will have a collapse. People will be disappointed with the Church and many followers of this religion will drop out from it. Christianity itself will weaken as time goes by and within approximately fifty years, this religion will be tremendously fragile.

        Malachy's final words are: 'In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock among many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city (Rome, the seat of the Vatican) will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people'.

         Malachy is referring to what Christ used to call the 'End of Times'. It is not the end of the World, but a period of great spiritual change within humanity. We are now living in this era of great suffering that is necessary for the purification of human souls.

        As I stated before, in India, this era is called Kali Yuga, a time of great suffering, but as a result of all this pain, a great spiritual cleansing and transformation takes place; this is the appointed era for spiritual liberation. For some of us a question might arise 'why all this suffering, this is absurd and illogical! God is love, isn't it?' We must always keep in mind that God Almighty is always just and perfect, and because of the immense love towards us, He wants our prompt liberation, but some suffering is necessary so that a prompt spiritual transformation can take place. Because of this pain and suffering, we usually

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    turn our eyes towards God, correcting our erroneous behavior. Remember that all suffering that we experience is because we have sown the consequences of our bad actions, bad thoughts and bad verbal expressions, so, without doubt, we must reap the effects of our wrong behavior. Christ stated two thousand years back: 'What we sow, we shall reap'. This is a universal law; nothing and nobody escapes from it.   

        I have seen through clairvoyance that we are living an era of great purification. There is a new line of pure spirituality that will soon be known to the World. The Great Soul that leads this new movement will bring up the correct spiritual path to follow in this Kali Yuga, which is our present era. This Great Spiritual Master is Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru, who resides in Santhigiri Ashram, Pothencode, Trivandrum, Kerala State, India. For me all this is an experienced truth which I can certify through clairvoyance; but not only me but at least three hundred people around the World, and at least fifty of them living in Santhigiri Ashram, can also testify about this reality through the same means.

        Through clairvoyance, I can see a new Light surrounding our Earth and its shine is increasing as time goes by. This energy causes us to incline towards spirituality, triggering spiritual reactions within us, so nowadays some people are searching for God or a spiritual path like never before; they feel an inner

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    calling towards spirituality.

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