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    Kaliyuga, Universe and Evolution

        We must realize that we are living in Kaliyuga, era characterized by tremendous suffering. Nevertheless every adversity is a testing which will enable us to attain liberation at a faster rate.

        Just as we have an aura or spiritual energy, also every celestial object in this Universe, such as an asteroid, comet, planet or star has one, and it differs from one another, it is like an energetic fingerprint of that object.

        Remember that everything and everyone in the Cosmos is only a tiny part of God, it is not God. There are billions of different prakashams –effulgences or auras- in different levels of evolution and among those is the effulgence characterized as Adhiva Satya Prakasham which is the Supreme Light of God. This is what we know as God Almighty, nevertheless the concept is so great that goes beyond our understanding.

        It is extremely important to accept everything and everyone just as it is, because everything and everyone are a part of God. If you accept and respect people as they are, then automatically you are accepting God within yourself and this will lead you to the evolution of your soul, so it is essential to accept your fellow beings just as they are with good or bad manners, ugly or pretty, tall or short, black or white, intelligent or dumb, cheerful or touchy, optimistic or pessimistic, rich or poor, tolerant or intolerant, faultfinding or understanding, egocentric or humble, melancholic or happy, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Muslim,

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    atheistic or follower of any other cult or religion.

        You must be humble, tolerant, loving, compassionate and comprehensive, towards people's attitudes, though this does not mean that you must approve, accept or emulate wrongful attitudes. On the contrary, you must try to efficiently guide with love and understanding your fellow beings towards a correct mode of action, trying to invite them to change their erroneous behavior, so that this can lead them to spiritual liberation. Don't forget that this is part of your Dharma –duty-.

        Everything has a cause and only God knows the reason for your setbacks or good fortune. Also try to remember that God gives you everything: a job, a family, a big or small house, a luxury car or a bicycle, wealth or poverty, good or bad health, etc. Obviously God is always just and maybe you do not find a logic explanation to your present problems or why you do not have something that you want or really need, though there is always a cause behind this and it may be from this birth or a previous incarnation. As you do not remember your previous births, you do not have the elements to judge God's Will, which is always based on Supreme Justice. Remember that God is always Just and Perfect. You can find a more detailed explanation in our website www.santhigiri.com by clicking on the 'Karma' link and then on 'About judging the Almighty'.

        I can perceive in darshans –spiritual visions- that when you do not accept

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    your fellow beings as they are, when you criticize them with irritation or hatred, or when you complain about every adverse event in life, saying phrases like 'I never harm anyone, I am a good person. Then why negative things always happen to me?' Automatically all these bad thoughts, negative words and incorrect actions, will create and attract new negative energies to yourself, which will create an obscure energetic barrier that will estrange you from the Almighty, finding yourself immersed into more chaos and confusion.

        In the Universe there are many civilizations with intelligent life; their technology and spirituality can be more or less advanced than ours. The famous scientist and astronomer Carl Sagan said that there are approximately one hundred thousand million stars in the known Universe and only in our galaxy, by Law of Probabilities, there are at least one million planets, with life more or less advanced than ours. This is also stated by other scientists. It would be so egocentric to think that only on Mother Earth life could evolve.

        Every celestial object in the Universe is interconnected and the planets, as I said before, have an aura or spiritual energy. Four years back I was in India, and doing meditation I had a spiritual vision in which I saw a tremendous energy that was surrounding Santhigiri Ashram where I was staying. Next year, also in meditation, I had a similar vision, but by that time the energy was much brighter, so I thought, Oh!, the people that live here in this Ashram, are experiencing a great evolutionary process, because of the Great Soul that lives

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    in this place –Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru-. I was told in my visions that this was right, but I was also shown the aura of planet Earth and I could make a comparison realizing that it was different from one year back. It was more luminous. I was explained in visions that this new energy is preparing us, the people on Earth, for a change, for a New Era. It activates our spirits, making us to think more about spiritual matters and this is the reason why dozens of new sects and religious movements are being born on planet Earth on these days. Unfortunately most of the leaders of these new paths, are leading people astray making their teaching appear as pure spiritual knowledge, telling lies to people in order to manipulate them, pursuing very particular interests contrary to the real spirituality.

        Some of the leaders also proclaim themselves as the saviors, redeemers or messiahs of humanity, leading their followers astray. Such are the cases of killer cults like the Aum Shinri Kyo, sect commanded by Shoko Asahara; Reverend Jim Jones who ordered that six hundred and thirty eight adults and two hundred and seventy six children should commit suicide and it happened this way; Marshal Herff Applewhite who was in charge of a sect called 'Heaven's Gate', he leaded thirty nine people to commit suicide as a practice of spirituality; David Korech and the Davidians sect who died with seventy five of his followers, after resisting an arrest on firearms violations. Some 'religious' or 'spiritual' leaders have amassed great fortunes, living immersed in richness

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    such as the case of the late Indian Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who changed his name to Osho, famous false Guru who owned more than ninety, of the ultra expensive Rolls Royce cars. This is an absurdity, but it is part of the reality. Some other false leaders attract followers by performing siddhis -occult powers, such as walking on water, levitation, being immune to pain, seating on ice for hours, walking on fire, appearing or disappearing diverse objects, healing the sick by mere will, being physically in two different places at the same time, becoming invisible, etc. We usually think that this is the test to declare the greatness of a sage, or to prove that he has attained Self-realization, though we are completely wrong. Some of these pseudo leaders dress into impressive 'spiritual' clothing having long hair and enormous beards, trying to impress their followers by creating an image of 'divinity'. These are only a few examples of sects and its leaders, who are leading people astray, spreading a false spiritual knowledge, by using the flag of spirituality. If you want to know more about siddhis and false Gurus, please consult our Web page www.santhigiri.com clicking on the chapter 'Guru, biography and messages' and then on the sub-chapter 'False Gurus and siddhis'.

        Confused with the differences in religions, all have separated in the name of One Supreme Lord. Each religion, in its own way, has foretold the coming of a great 'World uniting', 'peace bringing' Messiah, that has to come to give correction to the old spiritual paths given to humanity in the past and to

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    reestablish the correct Yugadharma –Spiritual Law of this era- bringing up a new spiritual system, that will properly lead us to prompt liberation. This is the Great Soul expected to come at the 'End of Times,' prophesied by many seers and religions around the World. Christians are awaiting the Comforter that Christ promised to petition the Father to give us and that He would abide with us forever (John 14:16); Buddhists are awaiting for the Maitreya Buddha; the Holy Koran of Muslims speaks of the arrival of the Last Imam Madhi, to bring the World under the rule of His Divine Love; Native American prophecies, foretell the coming of a bearded white man from the East, who will bring teachings which will restore the hoop of unity; the Jews are still expecting their Messiah. This is the Great Soul expected to come at the 'End of Times', prophesied by many seers and religions around the World. The spiritual status of this Great Soul is much greater than of the Kalki Avatar –Vishnu's tenth incarnation-. Maybe because of our ego, we think that this Great Soul has to incarnate in our country and within our religious system, but maybe we have a wrong idea of this due to our great egocentrism.

        In every major religion around the World, we are expecting the arrival of this Great Soul, though He is already incarnated on planet Earth. I can perceive through spiritual visions that this man has already taken birth and He is living in Santhigiri Ashram, Pothencode, Trivandrum, Kerala State, South India. His name is Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru. He has come in this era by the Will of

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    God, to give correction to the old spiritual paths reestablishing the correct Yugadharma –Spiritual Law of this era- giving us the precious opportunity to attain spiritual liberation, at a tremendous speed, like never before. Though he had no formal education, I can boldly declare, based on my uncountable darshans –spiritual visions-, which have proven me the Spiritual Greatness of my Guru, that he has been sent by the Almighty to reestablish the long forgotten SanatanaDharma –Spiritual Law to be observed eternally- and to lead the World to mukti –spiritual liberation-. At least 300 people around the World, have had this kind of visions, and at least fifty of them in Santhigiri Ashram will testify about its truth. In 1991, I met this Sublime Acharya –Spiritual Preceptor-; you can find an incredible detailed narration in our Web Page www.santhigiri.com, by clicking on the chapter 'Experiences of Guru's disciples' and then on the sub-chapter 'My experience with a Great Guru'.

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