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        In this series of interesting prophecies, I have selected the most trustworthy sources of information, in order to give a clear idea about what is happening on planet Earth at this moment. I tried to explain each one of these prophecies in detail, so that we can be aware of the Great Moment of spiritual evolution that is taking place in this era, called in India Kali Yuga, era of great spiritual transformation where suffering plays an important role as a catalyst which helps trigger reflexion, understanding and evolution in the soul. It is incredible that there are so many similarities in these prophecies regarding the 'End of Times', though they were produced in different countries and in different times.

        For thousands of years people of the Earth had been expecting a Messiah to come and save the World. Now the time has arrived, for we are at the end of a great period and on the beginning of a new time of a great spiritual reawakening. With the New Age comes an expectancy for the return of a divine messenger, whose doctrine will save the entire World from collapse and destruction. Those teachings will change drastically the evolutionary path of humanity, correcting the errors of the past. The influence of this new spiritual knowledge will be felt everlastingly. In the past many divine messengers have already failed in their attempt to correct the errors in spirituality, so a Great

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    Soul must come in order to correct our path and establish the correct Sanatana Dharma –Divine Law that should reign forever-.

        For centuries the reappearance of a Great Soul had been anticipated, not by the Christians alone, but by the faithful in the entire world. He is known in Buddhism as the Bodhisattva or as the Lord Maitreya, who will be born to re-establish the doctrine. For the Muslims he is the Imam Mahdi, the Messiah who, will appear at the end of the world –end of times- to re-establish a reign of peace and righteousness.

        The doctrine of saviors, messiahs, avatars, divine messengers and universal teachers, is found in all the scriptures of the World. In Christianity the Christ had said, 'And I will pray to the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter that he may abide with you for ever'. This means that a Great Soul will come to Earth, in order to give a new spiritual teaching according to the Yugadharma –Divine Law for a certain age- and this knowledge will last forever, correcting the wrong path which we are treading in now. What is needed nowadays is the correction and acceptance of a new path given through a Great Soul.

        The Christian Bible contains many prophecies about the future of humanity. The book of Revelation in particular talks extensively about the return of Jesus Christ to this Earth, the End of Times, the appearance of the antichrist and a massive battle of Armageddon, which will result in a loss of millions of lives.

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        If we turn to the Hindu scriptures, in the Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krishna promises 'Whenever there is a withering of the law and an uprising of lawlessness on all sides, then will I manifest myself. For the salvation of the righteous and the destruction of evil, for firmly establishing of the law, I come to birth age after age'. (Bhagavad Gita, Book IV, Sutra 7, 8).

        Jewish people are still expecting their Messiah, name for the promised deliverer of humankind.

        Nostradamus, famous French physician and astrologer who wrote Centuries in 1555, a book of prophecies, points out July 1999 as a date where a great conflagration will begin.

        Regarding the 'End of Times', Edgar Cayce, Western hemisphere's most famous psychic of modern times, predicted major changes on Earth, such as tremendous earthquakes. He said that there would be a very important spiritual transition, stating that it will begin with a 40 year period, from 1958 to 1998. Cayce also said that "When this period has been accomplished, then the New Era, the New Age, is to begin and the Great Initiate will come." He was obviously referring to the redeemer of humankind. All this shows that we are at the end of one age and on the brink of another very important era.

        This 40 year period would be for purification of humankind, involving tremendous suffering such as earthquakes, floods, new diseases, famine, wars, etc., in order to purify our souls and to understand the new spiritual knowledge

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    that has to be given to humanity, by a Great Soul sent by the Almighty at the 'End of Times'.

        We are living in a materialistic age, where almost everyone are mainly concerned about money, materialistic possessions, sex, beauty, power and a high status in society. Few of us suspect that there is anything inherently wrong with our way of life. Violence, war, disaster, plagues, famine, terrorism, etc. have become so habitual, that some of us meet them, equally, with bland indifference, as though we had lost the capacity to be touched by life. An increase of darkness –wickedness- in people, is present in this particular time.

        Buddha, great Indian mystic and founder of Buddhism, told his disciples that after every twenty-five centuries there is a period of intense chaos and strife, as the Dharma Wheel –wheel of Spiritual Law- begins a new revolution. This is in the Diamond Sutra. This suffering is necessary for man, in order to turn his eyes towards God and to evolve spiritually. Men of exceptional spiritual caliber take birth at that precious time. Buddha, founder of Buddhism; Mahavira, founder of Jainism; Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Pythagoras –great Greek philosophers-; Zarathustra, founder of Zoroastrianism; Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism; Chuang Tzu, thinker in classical Chinese philosophy and Sosan, great Zen master. All these great souls were born approximately two thousand five hundred years back. Buddha predicted that the next turn of the Wheel would see an unprecedented change in man, of a magnitude never before reached in

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    the history of the species. We are precisely living at this time of Great Spiritual Enlightenment.

        Seven years back, being in Santhigiri Ashram –situated in Pothencode, Trivandrum, South India- I, Carlos Guzman, had a spiritual vision in which I saw a great Light surrounding this Ashram. One year later, being in the same place, I saw that this Light was whiter and more luminous, so I realized that the people that were living in that special place were evolving much faster than people living outside the Ashram. At that moment I heard a voice informing me that definitely the Ashram had a very special Grace and also that the evolution on planet Earth was going on at a very fast rate, not seen before. I could perceive this World with an energy surrounding it and I could see that in the future, as time would go by, this Light would increase its brightness. We cannot conceive the great importance of this era in which we are living nowadays. We must remember, as Buddha predicted, that every twenty five centuries Great Souls take birth in order to correct our spiritual paths leading us to enlightenment. We exist exactly at this time, a zenith of evolution. Aurobindo, great Indian philosopher, stated in his book, "Sri Aurobindo on Himself and the Mother," that, "24th November, 1926, was the date of the descent of Krishna into the physical." Aurobindo was in a meditative trance on the 24th and came out of it to tell his devotees the news.

        The descent of the oceanic flood of the supra mental Light was on 24th

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    November 1926, and approximately 9 months –282 days-  after the spiritual vision of Aurobindo Ghosh, regarding the descent of a Great Soul, Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru was born on September 1st 1927. Those 282 days is the time required for pregnancy and delivery since the conception of a child.

        According to Hindu Scriptural reckoning, the start of the materialistic ages was 3102 BC. It is the beginning of Kaliyuga, era in which Sri Krishna was born.

        Egypt became involved in a new system of counting days, starting with Narmer-Menes, the first Egyptian Pharaoh. The starting date was approximately 3100 B.C. According to the Great Pyramid of Egypt, September 17, 2001 is the date of an important spiritual transition.

        The Mexican Mayas have a calendar in which there is a system of counting the days relative to a starting date, called the Birth of Venus and now known to be August 13, 3114 BC. They believed that, starting from the Birth of Venus, after 13 of these 400 year periods, or baktuns, the World would come to an end, this is more than 5100 years later, December 22, 2012 AD, marking the end of the "Age of the Jaguar," the fifth and final 'sun'. This date marks for humanity the beginning of a new era in which a very special process of spiritual renewal takes place.

        It is striking to find out about the great similarity in the dates and prophecies given by Indian, Egyptian and Mayan seers, however this is not the end of the World as wrongly interpreted by some people. It is the end of a period in which

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    humanity has performed certain actions, thoughts and words and will be judged by its wrong or right behavior. Whatever we sow, unavoidably, sooner or later, we shall reap. This is an inviolable Universal Law. The effects of a thought, word or deed, sometimes are immediate, but in some cases days, months, years or lives must elapse till the precise moment determined by the Almighty comes about. Events in people's life are the result of their previous actions. In other words, actions, thoughts and words are causes which have effects, in the form of events. When we generate a thought, usually words and deeds follow, and then inevitably we will experience the consequence. For example, if a man performs wrong karmas –actions-, then he will reap negative results, such as illness, accidents, hardships, or any kind of suffering inflicted upon him. But if a man acts in a correct way, then he will reap good things.

        The fruit or reward you get by performing any action will be determined by the pureness or quality of the action and also by the love and sacrifice with which you perform the action.

        Suffering makes a man to turn his eyes towards God, giving him the opportunity of spiritual growth. In some cases, people develop some kind of illnesses when they arrive at certain age. You can see others born blind, deaf, dumb or with terrible illnesses, due to their previous wrong actions. The karmagedi –record ingrained in a person's soul of all good and bad actions performed in the past- can fructify immediately or get accumulated, but sooner

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    or later, this will culminate into pain or pleasure to him. This law is universal, it does not operate in mere parts of our lives, or inconsistently, but operates constantly in every situation, in every place within the created universe, and at every level of creation. Nothing and no one escapes from its influence.

        Throughout the Upanishads –Hindu philosophical scriptures- have been emphasizing that every human soul is essentially divine, but this divinity is covered and clouded by the layer of filth, created by the mind. So you must be very careful in having positive thoughts, because they lead to correct words and actions. These oft-repeated words and actions will end up as good habits, and in many successive births culminate into correct tendencies or inclinations –vasanas- that will be present in your existence. On the contrary, if we act erroneously then we will create negative vasanas that will lead us to a spiritual chaos in our evolution.

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