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    Indian Hopi Prophecies

        Hopi Indians are a Native American tribe living in a small group of autonomous villages in northeastern Arizona, USA.

        This is an excerpt from: 'From the beginning of life to the day of purification: The Hopi story –Teachings, history, and prophecies of the Hopi people as told by the late Dan Katchongva, Sun Clan (1865-1972)'.

    'The forces of purification'  

        'Blood will flow. Our hair and our clothing will be scattered upon the Earth Nature. There will be earthquakes and floods causing great disasters, changes in the seasons and in the weather, disappearance of wildlife and famine in different forms. There will be gradual corruption and confusion among the leaders and the people all over the World; wars will come about like powerful winds. All of this has been planned from the beginning of creation'. 

        We are going through hard tests, inflicting on us pain and suffering, which purify our souls making us more luminous and stronger. But it is very important to remember that we must stand firmly in the spiritual path, be brave, never loose our faith, devotion and total surrender to the Almighty, in order to adequately evolve in a most dynamic way towards spiritual liberation. Wars, earthquakes, hurricanes, twisters, floods and other calamities are at present

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    purifying our souls, nevertheless greater tests may still come, if we do not understand and follow a real spiritual path. As time goes by, darkness will gradually be eclipsed and a new Light will emerge on planet Earth and Sanatana Dharma –perennial Divine Law- will be correctly established by a Great Soul whose name is Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru. If people on Earth do not value, understand and follow this Law, transforming their wrongful and egocentric attitudes into an adequate behavior –by being humble, loving, caring, understanding, disciplined in the spiritual path and following the correct mode of worship- then very painful measures will have to be taken to purify humanity through sorrow and suffering.

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