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    Hindu Belief

        Hindus expect an Avatar as they have the doctrine of Avatars who come cyclically, age after age. In Hinduism this Avatar will be the tenth and most important of a cycle. He is called the Kalki Avatar and it is said that he will come riding on a white horse.

        Some await the appearance of Krishna who said that he personally returns whenever there is decay of righteousness in order to reestablish the correct Yugadharma -Divine Law for this era.

        According to Hindu scriptures, the Kalki Avatar -tenth incarnation of Vishnu- will come to Earth to reestablish Dharma-Spiritual Law-, but definitely it is not so. I had darshans, spiritual visions, informing me that Vishnu cannot fulfill this mission because he is not a fully realized soul. The spiritual status needed in a person for the accomplishment of that mission is much greater than of Vishnu's. This Great Soul, who obviously is a fully realized soul, has already taken birth and has been sent by the God Almighty to reestablish Dharma -Divine Law. His name is Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru and he is now living in South India. By darshans -spiritual visions- many people, most of them living in Santhigiri Ashram, can testify about this truth.

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