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    Edgar Cayce

        Cayce was born on a farm near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA. At an early age he gave evidence of his budding talent: he was able to master his school lessons by sleeping on his books. At the age of twenty-one he developed a gradual throat paralysis which threatened the loss of his voice. When doctors were unable to find a cause for his condition, Cayce entered the same hypnotic sleep that had enabled him to learn his school lessons years before. In that state he was able to recommend a cure which successfully repaired his throat muscles and restored his voice. It was soon discovered that he could do the same for others. For many years the information dealt mainly with medical problems. Eventually the scope of his readings expanded to include such topics as meditation, dreams, reincarnation and prophecy. He is considered by many the greatest psychic of all times.

        Regarding the 'End of Times', Cayce predicted major global changes on Earth, such as tremendous earthquakes. He predicted that there would be a very important spiritual transition, stating that it would begin with a forty year period, from 1958 to 1998. In this period, there would be a great deal of suffering (violent earthquakes, terrible floods, new diseases, famine, wars, extremely powerful hurricanes, etc.), in order to purify humanity and to make it understand the new spiritual knowledge that has to come through a Great Soul.

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    Cayce said: 'when this period has been accomplished, then the New Era, the New Age, is to begin and the Great Initiate will come'. He was obviously referring to the redeemer of mankind.

        It's time for us to wake up and realize that the changing times are happening RIGHT NOW. All the inhabitants of this World, also all the creatures that reside in it, all the animate and inanimate matter, in other words, all the existent in the astral and material planes will undergo varied changes. Yet, this is sometimes hard for us to understand and recognize, because the changes will not be immediate, but it is a long process. Cayce's predictions are about the fact that a new era is coming to existence and Mother Earth is giving birth to a new generation of of beings, a New World is being born. The difficult changing events in our lives and in our surroundings, are to enable us to remember and understand the reason why are we incarnated on planet Earth and that is to EVOLVE TOWARDS SPIRITUAL LIBERATION. Simply stated, these changes and the suffering involved in them are the testing which will enable us to strengthen, correct and straighten our path towards liberation.

        It is very important to remember that Cayce believed that cataclysmic changes could be avoided due to our repentance for our sins, our faith in God, our daily prayers towards humankind, our good actions, positive thoughts and righteous words, based in love towards humanity in order to nullify the effects

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    of our previous bad actions. Everything depends on us.

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