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         It is realized by direct experience that the Metteyya predicted by the Buddha, the Comforter predicted in the Holy Bible, the Messiah of the Jews, the supra mental glow of light described by Maharshi Aurobindo, the Misiha who will rise up during the fag end of 20th century in the Orient at a place where three seas meet and would conquer the whole World as predicted by Nostradamus, is no one other than Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru. This Great Soul has been sent by the will of God in order to correct our paths reestablishing Dharma -Divine Law. For the disciples as well as the faithful through the experience of darshans -spiritual visions- the greatness of the Guru becomes perceptible. At least 300 people have had this kind of spiritual experience, and at least 50 of them in Santhigiri Ashram will testify about its truth.

         The distinctive characteristic of Santhigiri is nothing but revelation through darshans -spiritual visions. It is obvious to the disciples and the faithful that Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru holds the divine power and authority to correct and lead the souls who have achieved the position of saints, deva -'gods', wrongly considered as fully realized souls-, sanyasin -renouncer-, rishi -seer- or any kind of spiritual attainment.

         Swami Vivekananda, foremost disciple of the Hindu spiritual leader Ramakrishna, and one of the key figures in the 19th century revival of Hinduism, tells us in Part IV of Vivekananda´s Sahithya Sarvasam, who a truly

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    fully realized Guru is:

         "Guru is God, nothing less than that. Guru is the divine mask worn by God to come near us. When we continue looking, the mask dissolves and vanishes very slowly and God appears before us."

         Vivekananda informs us that God comes near man and leads him to the path of truth in the form of a Guru. It is our duty to find out that Guru. Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru has attained full spiritual realization, so he is the appropriate Guru appointed by God Almighty in this new era –Kaliyuga- to guide us all to attain spiritual liberation.




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