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    Prophecies Regarding the
    Coming of a Great Soul
    -savior, Redeemer, or Spiritual Preceptor-
    at the 'End of Times'


        Prophecies are knowledge attained by rishis -seers- and other divine men through revelations and enlightenment from the Eternal Light. The prophecies made by great Acharyas -great spiritual preceptors- after Sri Krishna, such as the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Aurobindo Maharshi, Nostradamus, Narayana Guru, Vivekananda are of this type. These Acharyas have predicted that a Great Soul will incarnate in this World to fulfill the desire of the God Almighty and lead mankind to the Eternal Truth. Christians await the return of Christ to free all the living beings and the coming of 'a comforter'. Torah of Jews speaks of the descent of Messiah to establish the righteousness. The Holy Koran of Muslims speaks of the arrival of the Last Imam Madhi, to bring the World under the rule of His Divine Love. The scriptures of Hindus speak of the descent of the Kalki Avatar to destroy the reign of evil. Some await the appearance of Krishna, who said that he personally returns whenever there is decay of righteousness and there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then he will come for the destruction of evildoers and for the sake of firmly establishing righteousness. Buddha said that he was not the first Buddha ever to appear and that another 'supremely

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    enlightened' Buddha was still to come. Native American prophecies foretell the coming of a bearded white man from the East who will bring teachings which will restore the hoop of unity.

        All scriptures talk about the same event, but in different languages. Confused with the differences in cultural and lingual externalities, all have separated in the name of One Supreme Lord. Each religion, in its own way, has foretold the coming of a great 'religion restoring', 'World uniting', 'peace bringing' Messiah, that has to come to give correction to the old spiritual paths given to humanity in the past and to reestablish the correct Yugadharma -Spiritual Law of this era- bringing up a new path, in order to find liberation for our souls.

    Let us look in detail into some of those prophecies.

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