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    Prayers and Karma

        You should pray to the Almighty disclosing your wishes and necessities to him, though you must always keep in mind that God gives you according to your merits. You get what you deserve.

        It is important that you add at the end of your prayers, that everything should be in accordance with God's Will, because only he knows what is good for you. You must remember that God's Will is always orientated towards your spiritual growth, and he will always give you what is best for you, despite the fact that your human nature, may like it or not.

        Because you do not remember all your existence, past births, then you do not know what your destiny will be, so you can never know what you are going to get. Whatever be your fate, or whatever you get, good or bad, you must always try to accept your destiny. You must never manifest rebelliousness towards God's Will, or else this will only estrange you from the Almighty. Remember you only get what you deserve and God’s Will must always be present in your life. Every single event in your life and in this Universe, takes place because of God's Will.

        You might meet suffering if the results are different from what you were

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    wishing or expecting in life, though you should always fight this defective human nature, confronting your destiny with a positive attitude, or else rebelliousness will inevitably lead you to chaos and suffering. In Zen philosophy, it is said that even the smallest leaf from the most insignificant tree, falls from it, by God's Will.

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