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    Examples of Vasanas and Samskaras

        Some people have innate tendencies towards helping others and constantly performing good actions. In their past, these individuals have constructed positive vasanas within their soul. Some others like to beat their fellow men, they are always making fun of other people and they are always causing trouble. In this case these individuals have created negative vasanas. Most of what we do or think is based upon habits -vasanas.

        If an individual had been a hardened gambler in a past incarnation, and if he happens to be in the company of gamblers at a weekend party, he will exhibit a natural love for gambling because of the residual impressions of his past actions. If a person was a devout catholic priest in his previous birth, then whenever he arrives at a church, he might experience emotions linking him to that incarnation and he may want to become a priest once again. A thief tends to carry the vasanas or the propensity of thieving into his next birth and a virtuous person his propensity to be virtuous. We can also see some kids that are always causing trouble. They enjoy causing harm to others. These young fellows have strong negative vasanas. Karma arises from one’s vasanas and samskaras.

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        Samskaras and vasanas have a definite influence on your behavior. If they are bad, you inherit, from this birth and previous ones, a bad load that you have to get rid by doing positive karma -righteous deeds, words and thoughts. It is very important to have a fully realized Guru -spiritual master who can see the intricacies of your soul and its past, present and future in order to give the correct guidance towards spiritual liberation. He is the only one that can help you to get rid of bad samskaras and vasanas, guiding you correctly in your material, emotional and spiritual life.

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