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    Be Careful on Your Evolution

        One should not have the attitude that only big negative actions are to be avoided, and small negative actions are not to be worried about. You must be very careful because a negative action, whether large or small, is always negative and will lead to problems and suffering. Therefore, you should not just concentrate on the avoidance of the big negative actions but should also distance yourself from those small wrongful actions which you so easily encounter. A slight negative action will diminish a bit your spiritual vibration, but you must remember that little by little your soul will decrement its Light, up to the point of becoming trapped by evil energies, so that your evolution can be severely affected.

        For example, imagine a huge pile of dry grass in the country. If this pile is ignited with even the smallest spark, the entire pile of grass will slowly go up in flames. In a similar way, even the smallest negative action, can have a very destructive effect.

        Buddha declared: "No man should think lightly of evil. No man should say, I can deceive fate. Nothing will happen to me. Little drops of water gather

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    into a mighty river. So too, small evils join together to drown a man in his own filth."

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