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    Action and Reaction
    Purpose of the Law of Karma

        One of the famous laws of motion enunciated by the famous English scientist Sir Isaac Newton states: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." In fact, this is a universal law and so every word, thought or deed determines a reaction. Past actions are causes that determine other actions, triggered reactions, in exact accordance with the charge of the corresponding past actions. There is no such thing as action without effects or results. We ourselves create our future destinies by our own choices each second of our lifes.

        We cannot attain liberation if we do not incarnate, so it is absolutely necessary to take birth in order to completely extinguish our bad karma.

        The law of karma is actually a law of harmony and equilibrium. It adjusts wisely, and equitably each effect to its cause. It is also the law of opportunity, which allows an individual to meditate and reflect before acting once again in a wrong way and to build a better future by performing good karma -positive deeds, words and thoughts.

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        One of the main purposes in the law of karma is learning. If, through understanding and consciously changing your life, you learn a lesson, the karma that was supposed to teach you that particular lesson through suffering, might be automatically burned. Suffering is one of the means to purify your soul from past wrongful actions. But if you want to consciously escape from samsara, wheel of reincarnations, in order to achieve mukti, spiritual liberation, then you must follow Dharma -Spiritual Law-, that is surrendering to God's Will. You should be able to extinguish your past negative karma, through righteous deeds, thoughts and words, having a loving nature towards everyone and following sadhana -spiritual practice.

        The ways of good appear difficult while that of evil appear easy. That is why a man works at good things slothfully and at evil things with eagerness. When a man does good things carelessly, he does not get the full benefits that should have accrued to him. Remember that you have incarnated on this Earth with the only purpose of evolving. Try not to waste your precious time in vain and useless attitudes in your life.

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