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    Extra Sensory Perception

        Another experience of the Santhigiri Guru Parampara -Guru's lineage- is that the basic causation of any misery or problem of a man, that he faces in his life can be looked into in ‘vision’ -extra sensory perception- and its cause-effect relationship on the gross and subtle planes are revealed. It is our experience that one who puts faith in Guru, gets enduring consolation from any sort of incurable disease and miseries, resulting from the effects of bad karma -actions- or wrong worship system in the previous births, or curse from any deity in the earlier worship system or the influences of evil spirits.

        Since Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru is a fully realized Guru, there is no force in this Universe which is not subservient to Guru. The effulgence of Guru's soul, permeates and fills everything in the gross and ethereal plane. Since the nature is subjected to the Will of a fully realized Guru, the presence of the Guru is felt everywhere. Such a Guru is above all belief systems. The teachings of such a Guru are eternal. Without the distinctions of good and bad, such a Guru holds close to him anyone who comes to Him. According to the effulgence and nature of each one’s soul, Guru directs him in his material, emotional and spiritual life. The parampara -lineage- believes that the word of Guru is Truth. Whether Guru's words are intelligible or not, a true disciple should invariably

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    follow them, because the justice of God is different from the justice of the World.

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