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    A Journey to the Center of the Truth

    Janani Rishi Ratna Jnana Tapaswini

    • "Guru is God, nothing else than that.
    • Guru is the divine mask, worn by God to come near us.
    • When we continue looking,
    • the divine mask dissolves and vanishes very slowly
    • and God appears before us".

       These are the famous words of Swami Vivekananda.

       I was born and brought up in the 'Garden City' of Bangalore. Members of my family have been devotees of "Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru" for the past 20 years. The are many reasons for my family's coming near Guru. One of the reasons was that my father who owns a very large firm in Bangalore, faced a problem. Goods worth eight lakhs -800,000- were kept unsold for a very long period of time and the company was in a state of downfall. During this crucial period, my parents were so lucky to get the wonderful opportunity to meet Guru. This meeting with Guru proved to be a turning point for the members of my family, who were strong followers of devaparampara -groups of saints and low deities. A remedy was told by Guru and this turned out to be very successful.

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       The other important reason was that my paternal uncle died of cancer and the same symptoms were detected in my father. As my father was the only male member of the family, all my relatives were in a state of dilemma. They visited specialized doctors and spent large amounts of money for this purpose, but it was a failure. When we sought the advice of Guru, he gave him a special bhasmam -holy ash- and directed him to smear it on his body daily. He was also directed to pray and within a short span of time, the disease was completely cured and it was like a second life for my father. This incident occurred in 1980 and from then onwards, we became close devotees of the Ashram. After this, Guru directed them to conduct the auspicious 'Gurupooja' -cleansing of the manes- and only after that I was born.

       At the age of nine itself, I was blessed with darshanam -spiritual visions. I was aware of what I was seeing and everything I saw was beyond my thinking capacity. When I told it to Guru, he started complaining to me deeply about this matter. Only after that, I started to realize its true content. Even though I visited Guru every three months, I was no able to understand properly this deep subject. Guru used to tell me that it was very necessary for me to be near Guru for the correction of these experiences. When I started to reside permanently in the Ashram, I realized the greatness of the subject in which I was dealing.

       'Guru', this word has a very vast meaning, may people describe it in many

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    ways. In Mahabali's story itself, we can understand how Sukracharya was disappointed by Mahabali's incorrigible act. Here the Guru was heart broken on seeing the act of his disciple.

       Guru puts his 'heart and soul' to mould his disciple. During this period he suffers more than the disciple. He stands as a guide, a father, a mother and more than that. For example the goldsmith heats and beats gold, to give a shape according to his imagination and he also puts in a lot of his efforts and hard work to make it a useful substance. In the same manner, Guru brings in a lot of difficulties and hardships and these are put in the path of the disciple. During this process the disciple undergoes many pains and sufferings and it is in this point of time, that the disciple undergoes purification by the master.

       My Guru blessed me with this precious gift of darshanam -spiritual visions- and from this glorious experience he revealed to me many secret facts of the cosmos. From this, I realized the path of the devas and devis -saints and low deities-, their mode of worship, the after effects of this worship. I could see the different stages of the evolution of life. I was also able to see the path taken by my Guru, his hardships, his sacrifice, his ascetism while crossing this hurdles. Even when I was studying in Bangalore, I experienced a lot of darshans -spiritual visions. During one circumstance, when I was studying in eight standard, I was very eager to buy a bicycle and when I asked Guru for permission he answered in a jovial manner saying that, "If I stand on all the

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    four sides of the bicycle how will you be able to ride it?". I thought it was a joke, but within a few days I got the cycle and one day while I was riding it, I saw Guru with my naked eyes standing on all the four sides of my cycle, I stopped for a while and immediately I recollected Guru's words. I was excited and I realized that the words of Guru, will never go in vain.

       In my visions, I was also revealed about the golden relationship between a Guru and disciple and the humbleness of the disciple in submitting his sorrows, rights, wrongs, his ignorance, his intellect to the feet of Guru. In a relationship between a Guru and a disciple, the Guru protects the disciple ignoring his own comfort. Many a time, Guru was very weak and was suffering great pain, nevertheless during these times, whenever I used to go near Guru for the correction of my spiritual visions, he never used to express his pain and was always willing to speak to me even avoiding his rest. My Guru was always ready to do anything for the spiritual growth of any of his disciples.

       Parents can only guide in the problems relating to the mundane life, but only a real Guru can direct his disciple on how to overcome the problems relating to his or her soul. He is the one and only person who can understand the features of the soul, its qualities, deficiencies, etc. so that he can prescribe remedies for it. Understanding the nature of the soul, he directs the disciple to overcome these spiritual complexes.

       Even though many Great Souls have worked for completing the mission in

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    the path of the God Almighty, their attempt was a failure. Guru reestablished the lost Manuparampara -Manu's lineage, incarnated and disincarnated souls following Manu's (supervisor of the processes of creation, sustenance and dissolution for this cycle) doctrine or Dharma- and he successfully completed the desired mission. Even though there are many paramparas -group of people praying to a certain soul or deity- having experiences, only our Guruparampara -followers of Guru-, has the right to ask and get direct answers from the Brahma Sakthi. Other paramparas had only the right to act according to the orders received from the Supreme. Even now my Guru, standing as 'Navajyothi'-New Light- is directing us according to the Divine Will. Now also I am able to experience the same presence and grace of my Guru in a much more powerful manner.

       Today the World has started to realize my Guru's greatness, although it is in a small manner. In spite of this, Guru reveals that...

    "Yenne Arum Ariyunnilla, Ariyumbol Thalamurakal Samakalikare Pazhikkum".

       This revelation itself proves that we, the contemporaries of Guru, are still ignorant of his real identity. Later, generations will come, having the capacity of understanding and respecting him. As contemporaries of Guru, we should have the obligation to realize and should be determined to lead

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    our lives according to his Will.

       Praying for this, I dedicate my words to the Lotus feet of my Guru.


       A brief narrative of my vision about the origin of the Universe.

       One day when I prayed strongly, as directed by Guru, I had a vision. The Sapta Rishis -the seven sages-, did a special conceptual ceremony of 'Agni Homam' -holy fire ceremony. The silence of the atmosphere was broken only by the chants uttered by the Rishis. A ball like thing emerged from the fire, which became brighter and brighter. When I repeated my prayer, I saw a devatha -spiritual entity- appearing above the fire. The seven Rishis asked him as who wields the authority of the Universe. He pointed to a shining figure standing in the corner and told them that he was the whole authority. The figure proved to be that of my Guru. The vision I saw pertains to the beginning of the World under the spiritual Will of Guru. The symbolic representation of the creation of the Universe and introduction of the whole authority thereto, indubitably proves the identity and authority of my Guru.

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