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    Experiences of Guru's Disciples


        The eminence of Guru -fully realized spiritual master- is known only through disciples. It is the disciple who testifies on his Guru. We have noted above that the lineage of Nava Jyothi Sri Karunkara Guru, is bestowed with the unbound bliss of spiritual experience. Irrespective of age, caste, religion and race, devotees get spiritual experiences (asariri -‘words’ from God- and darshans -spiritual visions) from very high spiritual planes. Through these means, we get the revelation of the eminence of Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru. Some devotees, at least 300, have seen in darshans -spiritual visions- ‘gods,’ prophets, saints, sanyasins -renunciates-, rishis -seers- and some other astral powers paying obeisance to Guru and ultimately merging in the Light of Guru. Even great rishis are seen in tears praying to Guru for their redemption. Apart from this the experience of this parampara -lineage-, which exemplifies Guru’s fullness are countless.

        Only a few of four disciples of Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru are depicted as follows:

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