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    Experiences of Mr. Chidambaran

    Rtd. Dy. Director of Education
    Kerala State, India

        Nava Jyothi Sri Karunkara Guru and Santhigiri Ashram, are quite different from other Acharyas -spiritual preceptors- and Ashrams. The Guru, who has reached the zenith of divine knowledge, carries out his mission as per the order of the God Almighty, not by performing siddhis -occult powers such as levitation, causing appearance and disappearance of objects, walking on fire, etc- and miracles. He does this by making a clean and pure parampara -lineage- through cleansing of pitrus -manes- and deities, by will or sankalpa -mind prayer. No Acharya ever lived could do such a karma. The other Acharyas were not able to bring up such a parampara, due to the resistance of forces in the sookshma -astral planes.

        The Gurupooja or pitrusudhi -cleansing of manes as well as the deities worshipped by us and manes- performed in Santhigiri Ashram, is not like the pitrusudhikarma performed through oblation or homa -fire oblations- and tharpana -libations to ancestors- of Hindu belief. Guru says the pitrus -souls of the dead, ancestors- will not be purified by this act. The pitrus weighed with sins, not attaining mukti -liberation- become instrumental in generating children in Neecha Rasi, evil positions of stars, which in turn, results in failures of karma

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    -actions- and also misery. This can be overcome only through the pitrusudhi, carried out through sankalpa -mind prayer- which is the unique way of the Guru. He purifies the pitrus -souls of the dead, ancestors-, the deities worshipped by them and by us and in his knowledge of the God Almighty. He brings them to his Spiritual Light, and when these manes take birth again, they will be able to perform their karmas -actions- in a more correct way, because of the previous purification, leading them towards mukti -spiritual liberation. Also the pitrusuddhi, permits you and your wife to have better progeny, because from that moment on, better souls will be able to incarnate as your successors. This is what is known by the name Gurupooja in Santhigiri.

        Our duty is to bring up our children, to make them parents in the future, and establish a new lineage of people, arising from the purified souls. Such people, will be the embodiment of goodness, virtues and power as well as purity of action acquired by the grace of Guru.

        We must realize that we are living in Kaliyuga, era of tremendous suffering. These adversities are the testing, which will enable us to attain liberation at a faster rate. Suffering will continue for some more years, and little by little people will begin to understand the new spirituality. The bad effects of karma -past actions- can be removed now in this precious era -Kali age. This is achieved by performing good karma -actions- and worshipping the one and only God, not the saints, ancestors, rishis, sanyasins and deities who have not

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    attained fulfillment. Kali is a precious era of spiritual liberation, in which a Great Soul must take birth to reestablish the correct Yugadharma -Divine Law or spiritual instructions for this era- giving people the opportunity of attaining final liberation. This liberation can be attained at a much faster rate, by completely offering and surrendering oneself to Guru in mind, speech and action.

        The "Gurupooja" through which my family was purified by Guru 25 years ago.

        Twenty-five years ago -back in 1973-, when Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru and Santhigiri Ashram were not known to the world, Guru had come to my family and did this auspicious Gurupooja for us, who were ignorant of the greatness of this noble karma -action. Troubles created by the objects of worship, like serpents and deities in my ancient family ‘Mavannal’ at Thottappaly, had brought a lot of difficulties to the members of the family. The expense for re-consecration, homa-karma -fire rituals- and oblations suggested by astrologers for a solution, requiring hundreds of thousands of rupees, were not done. It was for finding a permanent solution to this, and for removing the house of worship and the serpent's grove that Guru came to my family house-stead and performed this work by virtue of his spiritual brilliance. We conducted it as a test case. Without spending any money at all, without lighting a lamp, without offering a flower, Guru got the objects of worship and serpents removed by the divine power of his spiritual brilliance, by making a disciple -a small girl-

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    meditate for a few minutes praying for this. The effectiveness of this karma -action- was tested astrologically and convinced in the presence of Guru, employing the same famous astrologer who had suggested the temporary astrological solution for this to us. The writer of this article is one who has been enjoying the good after effects of this noble karma. "This is a new experience to me," saying so, the astrologer prostrated before Guru and saluted him -sashtanga pranam. He was totally astonished. Thereafter, the building of worship for the family and the grove for serpents were removed. We could realize the greatness and nobility of this sacred karma only later.

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