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    Experiences of Carlos Guzman

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          My name is Carlos Guzman. I was born in Mexico on November 21st, 1958. I am going to narrate what has been the greatest experience of my whole life.

        I was a Catholic Christian by birth, and was raised by my family in this religion. Since I was 5 or 6 years of age, I wanted to become a Catholic priest, so when I was 14 years of age, I served in a Church helping the priest while the mass was performed. I did this for some months but could not find fulfillment, so I abandoned this task and I realized that I was looking for something else. I turned to books on Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, mainly the Bible, Yoga, Metaphysics, self-help, meditation, mysticism, and titles related to paranormal phenomena. I used to have occasional visions from childhood, and now visions became more frequent. In these, beings dressed in white with enormous auras taught me things about the Universe, spiritual planes, spiritual evolution, how the energy flows in our body, etc. I also had visions regarding the different astral planes and also the souls that reside in those planes. I was also informed that we are living in a very precious era, and that a great spiritual change is taking place in humanity. I thought that all this knowledge had to be shared with others and in 1980

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    I started to give lectures on these matters, and also began teaching meditation. I appeared on radio programs and in TV talk shows.

        It was about June 1991, that I started having some very special darshans, that is, internal visions, of an elderly and serene person, calling me by extending his arms towards me. I did not attach much significance to this at first, but as time went by, this vision kept coming to me in a stronger way. Two months after the first experience, I felt an urge of my soul, to go abroad in order to meet this great soul. While meditating, I saw this great soul, so I enquired where he was, and immediately I saw the map of India in a vision. I knew that he was living in that Asian country and also that I had to go to meet him, because he had something very important for my spiritual growth. So at last I decided to make this journey. I talked to my wife about all this and she agreed with me about going away for three months. I wanted to visit some other countries, before reaching India, where by spiritual visions, I knew that I had lived in previous incarnations. I visited Japan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, Philippines and Sri Lanka. All through the journey, I was guided by a spiritual force on where to go and what to do. Also I had been having internal visions on the Guru's previous lives and the great relationship between us. We had been together in many previous incarnations and in some of them we maintained a very close relationship. I was afraid of reaching India, because I had visions informing me that I was going to be robbed in that country. I meditated in

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    Sri Lanka and was told to fly to Madras, and so did I. In this city, I apprehended some danger and I saw through visions that I was going to be robbed very soon. I was advised in visions, to make a trip to Kanchipuram and Mahabalipuram and I left part of my luggage and some Buddhist paintings at the hotel, because I was afraid that the thieves would take them away from me while making this trip. I left on this journey and in it I got merely filched, but something very strange happened to me. A tremendous inner peace grew inside myself, because I had a feeling that the worst was over. I also had been encountering many obstacles and problems in this journey, and sometimes I thought about returning home before reaching India, but I knew that I had to be very strong, have faith and pray with all my strength to overcome all these difficulties, because it was extremely important for my soul to meet this great Guru. I remembered that bad energies from low beings in the astral planes are in charge of blocking your way always, while attaining the spiritual knowledge. Despite all this, I was able to meet him, through God's Light and the grace of the Guru, in this life again.

        In Madras, I wanted to go north to places I was feeling that I had inhabited in previous incarnations. While meditating in this city, I received an instruction that I should travel south. Immediately I took a map of India and I was told to take a train to Madurai and then I would receive an important message. I was very much confused by this time, because I was

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    travelling form south to north till then. But I was certain that I had to go south once again. So I started my trip by rail to Madurai. The train was to depart at 5:00 PM. It was around 4:50 PM and then I closed my eyes praying and asking the God Almighty where to find this person. My biggest wish was to contact this Great Soul. I supplicated God for an answer and all of a sudden a person came inside the train's cabin where I was sitting. He turned towards and saw me, but did not pronounce a word. I was sure that he saw or felt something related to me, because in that moment, I started getting goose pimples. I said hello to him and he greeted back. I knew at that particular moment that he had something important to tell me. We talked for just a few seconds and then he took out a piece of paper and a pen from his suitcase and wrote down the following:


        I was shocked, because I did not demand anything from this man. I told him that I was coming all the way from Mexico, searching for a very special person for me and then I questioned him: "Why are you giving me this information?" he replied: "I felt it that way." Then I asked: "Do you think that the name that you wrote on this paper is the same that of the man from my visions?" He did not answer, so I asked once again and he replied: "Yes." I felt the same way at that moment and hence I told him that I wanted to meet this person. Later I learned that he was Mr. Sundara Mahalingam, father of Mr. Muthumani, an inmate of Santhigiri Ashram.

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        At that moment three students from United States of America, studying religions in a Floating University, that means on a big ship, came into our cabin and heard our conversation. One of them told me that he wanted to meet a Guru in India. He was thinking of going to a famous Ashram, but he was not sure and hence asked me for advice on this subject. Based on the fact that I can perceive the spiritual light or the level of evolution in people, I told him not to go there and that I had the name and address of a much better and real Guru, despite the fact that I had never seen physically this Great Master in my life. This was of course Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru. He said he wanted to come with me and so did one of his friends. Mr. Sundara Mahalingam took us to a hotel in Madurai just like a tourist guide. By morning, we went together to buy our train tickets and departed for Trivandrum, to have my long awaited encounter with the Guru. We arrived at that city, took a taxi and got into the Ashram. While standing in front of the main gate, I could see a hemisphere of Prakasham –white radiance-, just like an inverted crystal bowl that was covering, illuminating, purifying and nurturing everything and every single soul within the Ashram premises. I knew at once that it was connected to the Soul of this Great Master, and that it nourished and evolved all animate and inanimate matter. It was a unique vision and tears rolled out of my eyes, in the knowledge that the vibration of that Radiance, was the same as the Radiance emanating from the man of my visions. The Guru was not there at that time. Swami Jyothir

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    Maya told me that he would return on the next day, but a voice informed me that the Guru would not get back soon, and that I had to go to where he was in order to meet him. A conflict arouse between my logic mind and my intuitive mind which was informing me that I should depart immediately to meet the Guru.

        Nevertheless I decided to wait till next morning. I inquired the Swami again and the answer was the same: "Guru will return tomorrow, do not worry, you can stay here with us". The paranormal voice once again insisted that I should leave the Ashram immediately. So I questioned the Swami about the address where I could find this Great Soul, but he tried to persuade me to wait for his arrival at the Ashram, arguing that I could get lost in that city. I replied to him: "If I have come all the way from Mexico and found this place, it will be very easy for me to get to that house, if you give me the correct directions to get there." So on that same day I departed towards Ernakulam where the Guru was staying.

        Events proved my premonitions right. The Guru got back only after 13 days to the Ashram. Gracefully, we left for Ernakulam on the second day. By night, we arrived at the branch Ashram in that city. It was about 8:00 PM and Swami Janasevakan welcomed us. He said that it was late and not auspicious to meet the Guru for the first time so late at night, so he recommended us that next morning we could meet Guru and have a talk with him.

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        By morning we got into the house where the Guru was, and the moment I sat down outside the entrance of the living room, I could perceive a Radiance of great density, waves of tremendous energy emanating from inside that house, from the room where the Guru was. Due to this, I broke down and could not control my weeping. Minutes later someone said: "Guru is calling you". I entered Guru's chamber to see that the man from my visions was in front of me, and it was the experience of a lifetime. I asked him: "Do you know me?" Intuitively I knew that he was perfectly recognizing me, so I corrected myself a second later, "Do you remember me? You and I have been together in so many births in different countries around the world". He answered, "Yes that is true". A doubt dashed across my mind; maybe this great man has not placed me. So my question was: "In how many births have we been together?" "In thousands of births", he replied. That answer made me certain that he perfectly knew about our relationship from past lives. That was the beginning of a great relationship and I am sure that day was the most important in my whole life. As time went by, I started to understand the greatness of such a Guru. He is a fully realized Guru in the spiritual sense like no one else in this world.

        Twelve days after meeting the Guru, I received upadesha –spiritual initiation- by a mantra he gave me, so that I could connect my soul to his Soul in a very profound way and receive spiritual purification and knowledge. In this process, I had many visions about previous incarnations, also about

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    the tremendous relationship between this 'super mind' and me. I was also aware of errors committed in past existences and also in this present one, so all these mistakes had to be corrected as soon as possible, in order to obtain spiritual liberation. Also, in visions I learned that he is more than a Guru; he is the Spiritual Authority of this local Universe, that consists of nine planets and a sun, which make up our solar system, twelve divisions of the zodiac and twenty seven stars. All these astral bodies profoundly influence everything and everyone. The destiny of all living beings that inhabit this world is influenced by this astrologic system. He is a Soul with no limitations; his knowledge is complete, universal. I realized that I had to be closely attached to him, to his advises, to his Radiance, because the spiritual evolvement that my soul could get through his Grace, had no parallel with any other spiritual master. All this I perceived in visions.

        Guru's spiritual system is called the Guru Margam, path of the Guru, and in this era of Kali, this is the only way for obtaining spiritual liberation. We must perform correct karma –righteous words, thoughts and deeds-. We must keep very much attached to the Guru, to his instructions, having a complete and total faith, devotion and surrender towards him.

        There are different paths towards spiritual realization, though the completeness of this way, not available in any other known spiritual path, makes it the best spiritual line that will lead us to the fulfillment of our soul. Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru is a completely fulfilled Guru and the

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    knowledge, Light and love he has gotten, are greater than those of any other living being on this Earth. All this I have perceived and confirmed through spiritual visions.

        As you can see, I am a person gifted with darshanams –spiritual visions- and I can perceive great spiritual changes that have taken place within me, since I met Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru. There is no other Guru in this world comparable to our Guru. Also you cannot find anywhere a place such as Santhigiri Ashram, due to the enormous grace and Light that you can perceive in this holy place. I can testify about this truth, but not only me, but at least 300 people around the world and most of them living in Santhigiri Ashram, can do so based on their spiritual visions. Santhigiri Ashram is a unique place and Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru is a unique Guru.

        I have experienced a great spiritual transformation within myself since I met this Guru, but not only me but everyone can have such kind of spiritual transformation. It depends only upon you.

        To get the full benefit from this spiritual system, you must perform proper karma (righteous actions) and follow Dharma –Spiritual Law- in a most correct way. Remember that karma involves actions, thoughts and words; be very careful in the way you act, think and talk, because all this performed correctly can uplift you spiritually, but if you do things improperly, then you will lose punnya –Light within the soul- and baghyam –good fortune

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    or luck-, acquired throughout your existence, and you might regrettably go astray. Do everything according to the Guru's directions to establish a stronger spiritual link with him. Have the Guru in your mind constantly. It is extremely important to concentrate fully on your prayers, fully on him. When you pray to the Guru, the quantity of Spiritual Light you may be able to get from him depends on the faith, devotion and surrender with which you conduct yourself. The higher the level of these attitudes, the stronger would be your connection with the Guru's Radiance, and consequently the greater the benefits you will experience in your spiritual path. If you are inattentive or distracted in your prayers, then the connection established may not be that intense and the benefit also may be less. The more you strive for perfection, the greater would be the positive results in your spiritual evolution. It is a pattern worth following in every day of your life.

        Sometimes our problem is that what the Guru advises us, we do not like or we might think that he is wrong. Then we ask ourselves why is he saying such a thing, I have to suffer to much by following that direction, I do not want that kind of advice or it goes against what I believe or think. But we must remember that the Guru's advices are perfect and they are always the best for our spiritual development. When a small boy gets sick, his father out of love gives him the proper medicine in order to heal him. Most of the time the medicine is either bitter or has a bad taste, or simply the small boy does not like it. Generally boys do not like medicines. In the same way the Guru

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    gives us advises, Spiritual Light, and blessings out of his gigantic love, to cure our soul. That is our medicine, but also sometimes we do not like the medicine and we reject it. It is very important to accept it with faith, surrender, devotion and obedience towards Guru, because only thus we will be able to purify our souls in this precious era, like never before in our existence. Sometimes we do not have enough knowledge and understanding to comprehend all this, but we must keep in mind that it is the love of our Guru that is working to heal us; Guru always wants good things for us. Remember that we are living in a golden era where we can evolve our souls like never before. I can perceive this in spiritual visions. This is the time of redemption prophesized by many religions and by so many seers around the world. The inhabitants of India, have the tremendous grace of having such a Guru in their country. For me, I have to fly thousands of kilometers, traveling two days straight. I have to spend more than two thousand dollars in order to get to Santhigiri Ashram. My wife and daughters also want to join me, but they have to stay at home in Mexico due to financial reasons. This is very hard for me and my family, but my wish is to periodically visit that special place –Ashram- in order to evolve spiritually and help my family, and my gothram –totality of ancestors- to evolve in such a way.

        Before meeting Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru, I thought that my knowledge was almost complete, universal. I gave several lectures regarding psychic healing, astral projection, meditation, use of astral energies, etc.

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    I also participated in several radio and TV programs talking about these topics. At that time I felt powerful, egocentric and full of wisdom. But as time went by, I realized that the knowledge received in my visions and through books was limited, and that it was only a very, very small part of the universal wisdom that I found in my Guru. Nowadays I feel like a tiny speck of dust floating in the air, compared to the greatness of my Guru. Thanks to him I got corrected and enlightened by His grace, Radiance and Knowledge.

        The doctrine of Saviors, Messiahs, Avatars and Divine Teachers is found in all the scriptures of the World. The Holy Koran of Muslims speaks of the arrival of the last Iman Mahdi, the awaited Muslim messiah, to bring the World under the rule of his divine love. Some await the appearance of Krishna, who said that he personally returns whenever there is decay of righteousness and there is exaltation of unrighteousness, and then he comes for the destruction of evildoers and for the sake of firmly establishing righteousness. Buddha said that he was not the first Buddha ever to appear and that another 'supremely enlightened' Buddha was still to come. Native American prophecies foretell the coming of a man from the East, who will bring teachings which will restore the hoop of unity. In Christianity the Christ had said, "And I will pray to the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter that he may abide with you for ever." All these prophecies are referring to a Great Soul that must come to Earth, by the will of God, in order to give a new spiritual teaching, re-establishing the long forgotten

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    Sanatana Dharma –Eternal Divine Law-. This knowledge will last forever, correcting the wrong path which we are treading in now.

        It is very interesting to analyze what Nostradamus said 450 years back: "He who is born at a place where 3 seas meet together, will treat Thursday as a Holy Day. He will conquer many things and will become famous through out the World. He will act like a whirlwind and will take India –Orient- to the highest point. A person, not from a Semitic religion (not a Christian nor Islam), not from white race (not a European) and who considers Thursday as a Holiday will become conqueror of this World. That Misiha (saviour) will rise up during the fag end of the 20th century. He will be known by an ancient name. He will be more famous and enlightened than anyone else and will send the true message to all."

        The explanation for this is that where the three seas meet, –the Indian Ocean, the Arabian sea and the Gulf of Bengal- is at the southern end of India, in the southern part of Kerala, where the Guru was born. That Misiha –saviour- has risen at the fag end of 20th century; that is our present era. He treats Thursday as a Holiday; our Guru considers this day as the day with the greatest Light. He has got an ancient name: Karunakara. His recognition and fame are growing more and more nowadays and he is delivering the Sanatana Dharma, which is the correct and eternal Divine Spiritual Law, which will certainly lead humanity towards spiritual liberation. You can find that Misiha in Santhigiri Ashram at Pothencode, Trivandrum, Kerala State,

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    South India. The message of that great Guru that shows the path for the liberation of mankind, will spread throughout the World like a whirlwind and will take India to the zenith of eternal fame.

        More and more people are arriving nowadays at Santhigiri Ashram, to receive correct spiritual knowledge regarding the Yugadharma –Divine Law for this era-. The knowledge that Guru imparts is in complete consonance with the Spiritual Law prevalent in this era and decreed by the Almighty. It can help man obtain the highest good in all spheres, including self-knowledge and spiritual liberation.

        Guru's spiritual system is suited for married and unmarried men and women, sanyasins –renouncers-, karmis –those who evolve through righteous actions-, yogis –those who evolve through certain physical and psychic exercises-, bhaktas –those who evolve through an enormous faith-, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and certainly for all kinds of people around the World.

        I come here every year since 1991, I have to fly thousands of kilometres from Mexico to get to the Ashram. It takes me at least 36 hours to reach Trivandrum, India and then one more hour to Santhigiri Ashram. I have to spend more than 2,000 US dollars to get to this holy place, but my family and I are willing to make all these sacrifices, because this represents the most important thing in our lives.

        This planet is like a big school where we come to learn, understand and

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    apply the correct spiritual path. That is the one and only transcendental reason for incarnating on this Earth, and that is to evolve spiritually in order to obtain spiritual liberation.

        I invite all people around the world to think deeply about what I have expressed and if you really want to attain spiritual liberation, then you should follow this path that will lead you direct and dynamically towards that goal.

        Our Guru left his physical body on May 6th 1999. Some of us think that he is not any more with us because he is not in his physical form, but since he left his body, his Radiance intensified tremendously giving us the opportunity to evolve like never before. He merged into the Light of the Almighty.

        Sishya Poojitha Amrita Jnana Tapaswini is our spiritual head, our spiritual guide, a great gift from our beloved Guru. We miss our Guru's physical presence, but he is manifesting his will through Sishya Poojitha Janani. We are not receiving Janani's guidance; it is the Guru who is instructing and guiding us through her. I have perceived this many a time through darshans –spiritual visions- given to me by my Guru.

        India and its inhabitants are very fortunate for having such a great soul. I am extending an invitation to all Indians, and to people all over this World, to come and experience the magnificent Light of the greatest soul of all times, Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru, at Santhigiri Ashram. It might be

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    the greatest experience of your life and certainly of your previous incarnations, as it has been for me.

        Some years back after the Guru left his physical body, I was doing meditation in his room and I saw him sitting on his bed as in flesh and bones. I was completely astonished due to the clarity of that vision. Then the Guru said 3 phrases to me, but he told me that these phrases were not only for me, but for whole humanity. He said:


    I am here with you.

    I am taking care of all of you.

    It will be like this till eternity.



    Thank you.

    Satguruve Saranam.

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