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    Experiences of Anand Ko Hanari

    Zen and Yoga Master
    Founder and Director
    (Tokyo Yoga Centre, Tokyo, Japan)

        Across the sea and over the mountains, I see the radiant bliss. Amidst lightning and thunder, I hear the soothing voice. The Eternal Bliss of Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru, which is the guide-light of mankind; the immortal words that are the beckon for salvation. Anand Ko Hanari, the Zen master who is the founder and director, of one of the first and biggest yoga center in Japan told his disciples "You can purify, strengthen and control your mind and body through Zen and yoga. You can attain a state of sublime tranquillity. But the path to spiritual elevation is different. Something I have realized since my first meeting with Guru." He reveals "Practice of karma -positive actions- and Dharma -Divine Law-, in accordance with the Yugadharma -Divine Law for this era- is the way. I am experiencing my way to beatitude."

        In his message, Hanari continues. "I visited Santhigiri in 1995. I had only one intention, to study and know what Ayurvedic Medicine is. My friend Dr. Jayaprakash who gave me the inspiration to meet Guru, told me that knowledge about Ayurveda wouldn't be complete until you knew something about the leading force behind it. I am so grateful to my friend, who

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    persuaded me to see Guru.

        The first meeting with Guru was an inexplicable experience in my life. When I looked into the face of Guru, I felt myself as if melting like an ice cube. I was floating, as I was totally absorbed by an unknown divine power. I didn't know how tears rolled down my cheeks.

        The preaching of Guru, has to be accepted universally. The gist of his message, is to make human beings active, so that they can practice karma -good actions- in a way they are destined to achieve mukti -spiritual liberation.

        I was deeply attracted by the atmosphere of Santhigiri. Among the chirping of birds, I hear the music of harmony and cooperation. When the people enchant the mantra -words that connect you to a particular form of energy or Light- "Om Sri Karunakara Guru Para Brahmane Namah..." even the nature produces the replica.

        The concept of Guru should be popularized universally. Whenever I have the opportunity, I try to redraw my experience with Guru, to say to my friends and disciples that Guru is the source of wisdom and experience. Like an imbecile child, go to him and receive and it happens." Mr. Hanari states deliberately.

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