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    The Experiences of
    Janani Amrita Jnana Tapaswini

        I was able to meet Guru for the first time when I was nine years old. My family belonged to the Sudra class of Hindus. Nevertheless I was much inclined towards the worship of God right from childhood. I had a secular outlook towards various centers like mosque, church, temples and Ashrams. I used to frequent all these places. At this juncture, only I had the opportunity of meeting Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru. At this time, there I had an opportunity of seeing Guru. Guru was not the same sanyasi -renouncer- I had conceived of. For, I had always thought that a sanyasi had long hair attired as in vogue.

        At the very first meeting with the Guru itself, my mind was brimful with reverence. "A tranquillity not bourne out of any emotion" may be the right thing to say. I could even think of him at par with the very God. This divine form, clad in immaculate white appeared in all the mortal and immortal dimensions affluent with great kindness and compassion. This form filled my mind always, never fading away.

        Once when I saw Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru, he said that the deity we worship -lord Muruga- may manifest in dream or when awake and reveal the truth. It had to be communicated to Guru, if not, it may not be beneficial. True to this, on the very third day, lord Muruga in an effulgence

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    of the color of red mixed in yellow, revealed "Guru’s path is the right one. Repose your faith in this, till the end of your life. I have nothing more to give. Everything is available there." Subsequently all at home started getting small spiritual experiences. The Truth dawned on all at least to some small extent. Experiences continued as the testimonials.

         Guru: guided and rectified my spiritual experiences. But both physically and mentally, I was unable to bear the strain or the after effects of these visions. This made me to think about living in the presence of Guru in the Ashram, because I knew that through his Prakasham -Spiritual Light- the adverse after effects of my visions could be annihilated. Thus my life as an inmate of Santhigiri Ashram, commenced on 14th May, 1971. Those were the days when the Ashram was a bee hive of activities, like the reception of asariri -‘words’ from the void-, this means from God himself; prayers extending to weeks non stop in accordance with revelations; culmination of tasks of divine dicta as per Divine Will, known as Poortheekaranam, always marked by non stop chanting of prayers for days, etc.

        Once a declaration came forth from the Absolute, that all were to bathe and pray and the manifestations would be at 5 PM. The Almighty, with all compassion, came and declared that the thing of its aspiration for so many Yugas -eras- had fructified then. Also that Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru parampara -lineage- will be perennial. The Guru was endorsed to be the Soul, that has accomplished every known task for Yugas and is saturated

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    with the essence of all types of karmas -actions. This lineage had been favored with the right to ask and understand anything from the Almighty, unlike the case of others. So saying it, all were blessed.

        Through darshans -spiritual visions-, I was aware of the innumerable troubles, pains and sacrifices suffered by the Guru. It was revealed that none of us, and the parampara -lineage-, had suffered any worth while pain or sacrifice, and added, only when you undergo the suffering for others, can the parampara be established properly. Then came the array of the Great Souls (prophets, saints, deities, karmis -men who pursue spiritual realization through his righteous actions-, yogis -people that seek spiritual realization through physical exercises, meditation and respiration techniques-, jnanis -souls enlightened by darshans, spiritual visions, with the power to see past, present and future- and bhaktas -people seeking spiritual realization through devotion towards God practicing worship and prayer to the Almighty) exhorting all of us to take this lineage forward, without committing any error. They added that this parampara, had been bestowed with the fortune never before given to any one else, and the mind should be full of good thoughts. It could be also seen that the array of Great Souls were all attending on and worshipping the Guru.

        While accompanying Guru to many temples, but before reaching there, a revelation that the Guru should not enter inside was received. The reason was the inability of deities to sit and accept the tribute and oblations of

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    their devotees especially during pooja -worship offered to a deity. So Guru used to wait outside. Only we used to enter in. Many times we were informed that we should prostrate in front of the Guru, before venturing to start praying. The reigning deity and its parampara too, had been seen to prostrate and entreat for refuge.

        While accompanying Guru to Madurai, the revelation experienced is given here under. All the evil spirits had snowballed into a big black ball, and was circumambulating in the atmosphere. When the effulgence from the Guru Prakasham -aura or effulgence of Guru- comprising of various hues and colors, came in contact with it, it caught fire and the deity, in female figure, with its parampara surfaced. That tear stained face, spoke of the countless days’ aspiration for the purification and removal of evils from self and the parampara, for the formation of pure heredity. That weeping soul then thankfully accepted the favor -purification of their souls- done by Guru and offered prayer to Him.

        Once as a participator of the seven member entourage of the Guru, we were not told of our destination then. We were reciting prayers and then we could see a foot of a deity and the destination. Only after reaching it, could we discern that it was the deity at Kanyakumari. After reaching it, Guru asked me to ‘envision’ many things. I did so and not only did I get the right answers, but also the deity therein and Swami Vivekananda manifested before me, offered prayers to Guru and exhorted me not to let loose this

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    fortune, and that it would increase with us, and no better fortune exists if one follows Guru’s words scrupulously.

        In a place called Srirangam, the rishis -seers- and sanyasins -renunciates- could be seen weeping and supplicating Guru for emancipation of their clan, from a curse that befell on them. In a place called Suchindram, a form of a lady could be seen merging into Guru, and asking us as to what is unattainable to us the worshippers of a fully realized Guru, while she but a worshipper of a deity, could soar so high?

        All the time we traveled with Guru, his mighty karma -actions- in sookshma -subtle planes- could be understood. Once en-route to a place called Sultan Bathery, a noise resembling the tinkling of steel chains was heard at midnight. The bus was stopped and a sankalpam -mind prayer- and a general prayer was got done. It could be seen that this was the erstwhile residence of a celestial being called changalamadan, who had been there for a long time. He was chained and he was making noise with that chain, to draw our attention for getting mukti -spiritual liberation- from Guru. This spiritual master did the necessary for that in compassion.

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