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    An Unknown Truth.
    Great Souls being persecuted

        As I stated before, the Supreme sent several spiritual masters to declare the Dharma to be followed in the present era, Kaliyuga. Among them in India are Krishna, Buddha, Sankaracharya, Guru Nanak, Mahavira, Dayananda Saraswati, Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Guru Narayana, Thiruvalluvar etc., to mention a few. When the message was not taken in India, the Supreme sent prophets and apostles in other parts of the world, like Moses, Jesus, Prophet Mohammed, etc. In fact, since the birth of Sri Krishna, approximately 5,100 years back, and up to 1973, 2,444 Great Souls in this Divine Lineage have already come in the world and gave the message in varying ways and means, which indeed has helped mankind to a certain extent. All these Great Souls have appealed to the common folk to worship only the God Almighty and not the saints, deities, devas, angels, nor resort to the worship of dead ancestors. Yet no worthwhile change could be brought in the midst of the multitudes.

        A great impediment for these Great Souls to fulfill their mission in bringing about the necessary change in the Yugadharma – Divine Codes of Conduct to be observed by humanity in a certain era, is that powerful evil souls residing in astral planes have influenced in thought, word and action these Great Messengers leading them astray. Also many people controlled by dark astral

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    forces stood as big obstacles generating all sorts of problems and inflicting great pain and suffering on those Divine Messengers. Moses was persecuted for many years. The tormenting of Jesus is well known. He was misled by evil forces up to his crucifixion and at last He was crucified, despite his cry to the Lord to save him if it was God’s Will. Prophet Mohammed had to flee from Mecca to Medina. Krishna was the victim of seven murder attempts; finally he was accidentally killed by a hunter. Buddha thought he was doing great penance for the sake of God and for his spiritual upliftment by fasting in a rigorous way, but he luckily realized that he was not and was saved from sure death by the food given by a shepherd woman. Indeed he died by consuming contaminated meat offered as alms to him. This has been recorded in the Buddhist texts as Buddha reaching Nirvana. Later Buddhism itself was driven out of India. Sri Ramakrishna suffered from scrofula round the neck and died in pain. Swami Vivekananda suffered from thirty-one health problems, from severe headaches to heart problems, and he was constantly in pain; he died at the early age of thirty nine. Adi Shankara, great expounder of monism, found his death by jumping off a cliff into an abyss at Kailasa in the North of India. The great Shankara who thaught that nothing is real except the God Almighty, must be wondering in his grave which unknown power has put an end to his life at the early age of thirty-two. The list of such great men who suffered like this is long. Dayananda Saraswati was poisoned to death. It is written in the books that the

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    great saint Sri Rama Tirtha, attained jalasamadhi, samadhi or death in water. In fact he committed suicide by drowning himself in a river. In like manner the hardships and struggles Sri Rama went through are countless. Unable to reach Iswara Sannidhanam (unable to break free from the devi-deva stage), Rama committed suicide in the Sarayu river.There are similar cases of suffering and persecution in the history of Sikh and Jain Gurus and also several hundreds of other Great Souls, known and unknown in different parts of the world.

        We find such painful and difficult experiences in the lives of great men. What do they signify? All these examples show us the tremendous power of devas – deities misconceived as fully realized souls -, saints and all sort of deities that reside in the the deva and Trimurti – Brahma, Vishnú, Shiva and souls residing in that stage - planes that obstruct the spiritual path of people that try to attain spiritual liberation or to reach Iswara Sannidham – seventh plane of evolution. The face of knowledge starts to appear with the attainment of this stage, so the seeker of Truth is free from the effects or attachment to his emotions – anger, hate, egoism, envy, jealousy, etc.

        When a soul tries to cross the stages of ‘gods’, saints and devas, the resistance comes from them and might evencause the physical destruction of each spiritually evolving man as he approaches the deva stage. The reason is that these deities have reached certain stages in spiritual evolution, though they have not attained full spiritual realization, they are attached to the senses and

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    they are not free from the effects of their emotions, so when we pray to these deities, some of them might become jealous of our spiritual progress blocking our spiritual path.

        All the earlier spiritual masters had suffered like this in the hands of evil forces such as Jins – genie in Muslim religion -, devils, Gandharvas – ‘heavenly’ musicians and singers -, Yogabhrasthas – powerful beings that have evolved through tapas – rigorous practices such as long fasting periods, standing on one foot for years, not speaking to anybody for long periods of time, meditating without interruption for hours and in some cases days or weeks without taking any food, water or sleeping, etc. Some of them are powerful souls and have reached higher stages than the Trimurti plane. Either the seekers of Truth will be led away from the spiritual path, by luring them with the power of siddhi – capacity to perform miracles - or through powerful beings which can attack and harm the seekers emotionally, mentally and physically through many ways to the extent of causing their death.

        Unable to cross the Trimurti stage, it is at this particular stage most of the earlier Acharyas – spiritual masters – experienced severe problems, such as Jesus, Shankara, Buddha, Rama, who were barred not only in the fulfillment of their missions, but also in their spiritual evolution.

        A major problem is that the abodes of ‘gods’ are full of splendor and joy. When a spiritual adept comes across the planes of these powers, the adept

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    become static and think that he has attained the goal of self realization and in some occasions these ‘gods’ make him think that this goal has been achieved. That is the reason why Patanjali Maharshi in the treatise on Yoga, exhorts the people to be careful about the ‘gods’ or divinities. Ordinary people, not knowing these facts continue to worship ‘gods,’ saints, angels and all sort of divinities, thinking that such worship is the worship of God Supreme. Contemporary spirituality has thus failed to take man to the highest spiritual experience.

        When Swami Vivekananda approached Sri Ramakrishna with the question ‘Have you seen God?’ Sri Ramakrishna said ‘Yes, I have and I can show you also’. Then Vivekananda was asked to go in front of the Kali temple. There Swami Vivekananda got the vision of mother ‘goddess’. What Vivekananda saw was the vision of ‘goddess’ Kali, not the Supreme Light of God. A Guru can only give to his disciple what he has himself achieved, nothing more.

        It is in this background of persecution and suffering of the earlier messengers of God, a Soul which got itself enriched by the experiences of countless births and attained perfection thereby – Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru was given birth. He attained the optimal spiritual capacity and has the Divine Mission to show the True Light and True Knowledge to humanity. This is of greatest significance in the spiritual history of man as it is the first time a fundamental correction is made after 25 Chaturyugas – approximately 108,000,000 years - in the Sanatana Dharma – Divine Codes of conduct to be

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    observed by humanity in order to attain liberation. On the day of the fulfillment of this Divine Mission, in 1973, a voice from the Supreme Light said ‘For what I have waited for Ages, that has been achieved today’.

        The Guru exhorts man to follow the eternal Dharma of Manu – codes of conduct for attaining spiritual liberation - for this age, which is based on the faith in one all pervasive Godhead. It is only through the Yugacharya – Great Spiritual Master of a certain era - authorized by the Supreme Godhead, that – spiritual - experience of the one and only God is made possible. The Guru should be Atmajnani – highly evolved soul capable of understanding the innate intricacies of the soul in order to properly guide and correct his followers towards mukti, spiritual realization.

        That Supreme Guru should also be a Trikala Jnani (knower of three fold times – past, present and future -) and also the One who has become merged with the Supreme Light of God, crossing the stages of saints and devas, rishi, Ishwara up to a stage of full spiritual realization, so that He can help us to liberate our souls through his Light and Knowledge.

        We are living in a Glorious Period in which the Yugacharya, the Guru Navajyothisri Karunakara, the Supreme Guru of all Gurus has come to redeem humankind. For thousands of years people of the Earth had been expecting a redeemer to come and save the world. The time has arrived and in many religions around the world we can find prophecies touching upon this subject.

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    If you want more information regarding this topic, please refer to the chapter ‘Prophecies regarding the coming of a Great Soul’.

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