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    The Prominence of Kaliyuga

            Kaliyuga, though is shortest, is the culmination point of the other three Yugas. In this era, man is bestowed with the privilege of working out all past karmas – actions - and earn spiritual liberation. Hence, even the deities and Great Souls aspire to get birth in this period, despite the fact that sorrow and suffering are a common thing in this age. We must keep in mind that grieve, pain and distress man has to deal with, are necessary to make man realize about the main reason for taking birth on Earth and that is to evolve and find spiritual liberation.

        We who live now are very fortunate. Dubbing this Yuga as the most negative, obscure and detestable period of time, was the unforgivable calumny caused by the ignorance of people and by the vested interests to further their own ends. This Kali Age is the period of samkara which is the cohesive consolidation of all castes, creeds, religions, etc.

            If one looks at the religious practices among the people living in different social settings, one may wonder to see the myriad of paths in worship of God. The confusion which thus arises in a seeker, in seeing the complexity in religious practices and the lack of deep spiritual knowledge which goes beyond our senses, can be resolved only by a fully realized Guru – spiritual master - who should show by experience, the truth and untruth ingrained in the methods

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    of worship.

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