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    Explanation of the
    Cosmic Time Scale of Manu

    Yugas -eras.

        The purpose of Creation is the elevation of all creatures through various stages, to the realization of the Absolute which is the Supreme Light. According to Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru, Yugadharma – Divine Law to be observed in a certain era - is worked out through the Manus – progenitors of mankind who preside successively over the fourteen Manvantaras which constitute a Kalpa. Each of the fourteen Manus is in charge of the evolution in the Universe for a time span of 306,720,000 years – a Manvantara. The Dharma – Divine Law - of Manu works out perfection in the Universe as per the Will of the Supreme God.

        There are time segments in this scheme of perfection. A Kalpa – aeon- is one such time segment – 4,320,000,000 years. This time period called Kalpa is divided into fourteen units called Manvantaras, each headed by a Manu. Each Manvantara is divided into 71 Chaturyugas – age quartets. One Chaturyuga – 4,320,000 years - is made of four Yugas (eras) – Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali. We are living in the Kali Yuga of the 28th Chaturyuga of the 7th Manvantara. Kali Yuga has 432,000 years out of which approximately 5,100 years have passed now. Dwapara Yuga is two times the span of Kali Yuga – 864,000 years -, Treta is three times – 1,296,000 years - and Satya is four

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    times that of Kali – 1,728,000 years. The Sanatana Dharma or the Eternal Religion of man is based on this structuring of Cosmic Time.

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        We are living in the 7th Manvantara, in the 28th Chaturyuga, in the Kali Yuga in the year 5,200 aproximately.

    • 1 Chaturyuga = 4,320,000 years divided into four Yugas:
    • Satya Yuga (1,728,000 years)
    • Treta Yuga (1,296,000 years)
    • Dwapara Yuga (864,000 years)
    • Kali Yuga (432,000 years)
    • 71 Chaturyugas = 1 Manvantara (306,720,000 years)
    • 14 Manvantaras = 1 Kalpa (4,294,080,000 years)

        Manu is considered to be the progenitor of mankind. Like the Gomukh in the Himalayas from which the river Ganges emerges and spreads the length and width of the country in the form of river, rivulets, lakes and ponds, Dharma in the world manifests from Manu – progenitor of mankind and first Guru or preceptor of the human race. That is the reason why we find a unity in the essence of all religions. The principles of love, sacrifice, kindness and belief in the existence of God are common to all religions, because the essence of this knowledge comes from Manu himself. So Dharma – Divine Law - is first manifested through the Manus, which are fourteen in number and each heading

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    a Manvantara – aeon comprising of 306,720,000 years. They in turn impart the Divine Law to mankind through the Yugacharyas, the ordained spiritual heads for a period of time who become the fountainhead of God Realization and Dharma in the world.

        After the time of the Yugacharya, several Great Souls sent by Manu preserve and teach the Dharma in human society. The whole spectrum of human thought and culture, art, literature and spiritual knowledge is oriented by these Yugacharyas, who come in the lineage of Manu from time to time. There are five such Yugacharyas in each Yuga; out of these five Gurus in a Yuga one is born in the twilight or threshold of a Yuga (Yuga Sandhi) – period describing the end of a Yuga and the beginning of the next one - to prepare the ground for the next Yuga. Krishna was such a Yugacharya in a Yuga Sandhi, who was born in the end of Dwapara Yuga and died in the beginning of Kali Yuga. Similarly a Yugacharya is also born in a Chaturyuga Sandhi – period describing the end of a Chaturyuga and the beginning of the next one. So there are twenty-one Yugacharya Gurus in a Chaturyuga – age quartet - through whom the Sanatana Dharma, Divine Codes of Conduct to be observed by humanity itself in order to attain liberation, is worked out.

        In the earlier times the kings ruled the country by the guidance of such Yugacharyas who were clairvoyants knowers of three fold times – past, present and future. All decisions in respect of governance were taken under the

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    guidance of the Yugacharya Guru. All people lived happily under the guidance and protection of this Great Master observing Dharma in life.

        One of the characteristics of our present era – Kali Yuga - is that God should be worshipped directly or through a fully realized Guru. Therefore saints, angels, devas – deities misconceived as spiritually fully realized souls -, the Trimurti – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva - or any other deities should not be accepted as the object of worship, only God Almighty or a fully realized Guru. The reason is that these deities have reached certain stages in spiritual evolution, though they have not attained mukti – spiritual liberation. They are attached to the senses and they are not free from their emotions – anger, hate, jealousy, egoism, etc. - so when we pray to these deities, some of them might become jealous of our spiritual progress blocking our spiritual path. Another problem is that material gains and fortunes are prayed for and accrued by the devotees, then the deities take away in turn punya – merit earned, in this and previous births, through right thought, word and action - of the devotees which cause further lowering or descend of their soul.

        As we know there are millions of life forms in this world. Every thing (all matter) and every creature in the Universe tends to evolve as time goes by. Evolution gradually takes place from the mineral reign, to the vegetal and animal reign and then to the human stage, into which the soul will have the opportunity to attain spiritual liberation. Yugas – eras - or Chaturyugas – era

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    quartets - in a Manvantara – 306,720,000 years -, represent evolutionary steps towards the final goal of spiritual perfection in a Kalpa – aeon. The souls who deserve liberation, depending on their spiritual evolution, merge in the Supreme Light of God in this Kali Yuga, attaining spiritual liberation. All other souls are guided to take birth in the next era, i.e. Satya Yuga, to keep on working out their remaining goal towards spiritual perfection. Similarly in the creation, phase by phase all life forms are involved in an evolutionary process.

        Modern science traces back the origin of man to about fifty million years. On the basis of research in History, human civilization dates back either to five or ten thousand years of history, nevertheless viewed in the light of the knowledge, advanced by ancient Indian spiritual science, the account of modern history is an absurdity. One of the uniqueness of Indian spiritual philosophy is this knowledge on time periodicity in accordance with the calendar of Manu, which sheds light on human life in the past millions of years or past seven Manvantaras – period of time comprising of 306,720,000 years each.



        According to Hindu tradition evolution takes place within the Universe and there are time segments in this evolutionary process. As we know, every single thing, animal and people are involved in this process. For each time segment or era, the Yugadharma – Divine Law for an era - is given to us by the Almighty

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    through Great Souls, such as Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Shankara, etc.

        A year is divided into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season has specific characteristics. For instance, during spring the weather becomes warmer, plants revive and we wear lighter clothing. Summer is the warmest season of the year, we drink water more frequently and as in spring we wear lighter clothing. In autumn, the temperature is lower, the leaves tend to fall from the trees and we wear thicker clothing to protect ourselves from the cold weather. Winter is the year’s coldest season, our body needs more caloric food and as in autumn we wear thicker clothing to protect ourselves from the cold. Likewise, a Chaturyuga – age quartet - is divided into Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali; each with a specific nature in itself.


    Satya Yuga or Krita Yuga

        A Chaturyuga or age quartet begins with Satya Yuga. In the Satya Yuga the Light of God can easily be perceived, everyone can see the Light of God effortlessly, people generally live in peace in this epoch and there is little suffering, though the levels of spiritual attainment are very low. In this era the Supreme is worshipped directly. There is no intermediary between God and man. Dyanam or meditation is the means of worship. On sankalpa – resolute prayer - one gets the Light of the Supreme and everything gets revealed from that Light.

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    Treta and Dwapara Yuga

        Treta and Dwapara Yuga are characterized by the predominancy of deities, such as saints, angels and devi–deva (‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ wrongly considered to be liberated souls). The Supreme is worshipped through those deities in these ages. God Almighty has given them the authority to receive worship and the worship of deities was correct according to the Dharma – Divine Law - of both the ages.

        In Treta and Dwapara Yuga the Light cannot be easily perceived as in Satya Yuga; the means of worship is yaga, yagna and homa – rituals and fire sacrifices -, mantras – syllables or words which connect you to a certain source of spiritual energy - and tantra – rituals. Men could get by darshans – spiritual visions - the appearance of any saint, deity or devi–deva on the chanting of mantras applicable to each power and receive blessings. The glitter of material well being, symbolizes the devi–deva stage in the spiritual evolution.


    Kali Yuga

        In contradiction to what many believe, Kaliyuga is the most beneficial age for spiritual upliftment. Many people, especially in India, think that this is a bad era of tremendous suffering and destruction, but we must remember that this is an era of enormous purification through all that suffering. We are very fortunate to

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    be incarnated in this golden era, because only in Kaliyuga spiritual liberation can be attained, but not in the previous ones.

        When you go to University graduation time comes only once a year. You cannot graduate at any time that you choose, because there is a specific date in a year in which you can graduate. In a similar way, graduation (spiritual liberation) comes only in Kaliyuga, but not in the previous eras – Satya, Treta and Dwapara -, so if liberation cannot be attained in Kaliyuga – 432,000 year period - then you will have to wait for a long time – 3,888,000 years - which is the period comprised of Satya, Treta and Dwapara Yugas altogether, so that you may have the opportunity once again to reach the liberation age – Kaliyuga.

        Kaliyuga is the age of Gurumargam – the path of the Guru. Though there had been Gurumargam in all the ages, in Kaliyuga the Supreme should be worshipped directly or through a fully realized Guru, because by doing this, our soul can evolve at a much faster pace towards spiritual liberation.

        One of the distinctiveness of Kaliyuga is that it is the age in which all the people who have attained low levels in their spiritual evolution, the Sudra, lowest of the castes in India, and all the people who have not attained enough punya – merit earned through right thought, word and action – in the soul have the right to attain the Knowledge of the Supreme and spiritual liberation. It is, as I have mentioned before, that of the four ages only in Kaliyuga, mukti

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    – spiritual liberation - is possible.

        The Hindu scriptures note that even devas – deities - are praying in the astral plane for obtaining birth in this age full of blessings, because only by taking birth in this wonderful era and through right thought, word and action, spiritual liberation is possible.

        Adi Shankara, Indian philosopher and religious thinker who developed Advaita Vedanta – monism - stated that there are three things that are difficult to obtain in this world, namely a human birth, an intense desire for spiritual liberation and the protecting care of a perfected sage – a Guru – that is to say, finding a real Guru, a fully realized Guru who undoubtedly will lead the seeker of Truth towards liberation.

        I (Carlos Guzman) have seen in darshans – spiritual visions - that saints, sanyasins – renouncers -, devas – deities misconceived as fully realized souls -, saints, rishis – sages -, boddhisatvas – beings who out of compassion renounced Nirvana in order to save others - and millions of souls from so different planes of evolution are praying to the Almighty asking for a chance to take birth once more in this difficult but precious era. Only in Kaliyuga through the path shown by a fully realized Guru, who comes in accordance with the Will of the Almighty, the higher spiritual evolution of soul leading to oneness with the Supreme Light, is possible.

        In Kaliyuga, the mode for attaining mukti – spiritual liberation - is through

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    Namasamkirtanam’, recital of the name of the Yugacharya Guru – spiritual teacher who dispels and removes darkness from its followers in a certain era, guiding them towards spiritual liberation - as indicated through the asariri – Words from God Almighty - through spiritual visions.

        Chanting or reciting the name of the Yugacharya Guru who is endowed with the authority of the age, has been prescribed for the worship of the Supreme in this Kali Age by the Almighty Himself, as the most favorable way to lead man towards liberation. This practice of Pure Spirituality automatically connect us to the Guru’s Spiritual Radiance and this Precious Energy will start purifying our souls at a tremendous pace from bad karmas – wrongful actions - and evil vasanas – tendencies, habits - so that spiritual liberation can be attained very rapidly.

        In this age, Kali, the right path to the next era – Satya Yuga - is laid down. This is accomplished by a fully realized Guru who comes for setting the karma – mode of action - and Dharma (Divine Law – law of being, way of righteousness, religion, mode of worship compatible with the age, duty and responsibility of man. The worship and glorification of deities, saints, angels, rishis and spiritual leaders, who have not attained spiritual liberation, is against the Yugadharma – Divine Law for an era - of this Kali Age and hence the Will of God.

        Nowadays billions of people around the world are praying to so many deities, saints, angels, etc. assuming that these entities are fully realized souls, due to

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    their enormous miraculous power and because of that people erroneously suppose that these beings are fully spiritually realized souls and that they – the people - can be leaded by these ‘spiritual entities’ towards liberation; nevertheless this is a colossal mistake.

        If the Yugadharma – Spiritual Law - is not followed, what follows is the destruction of moral and spiritual values in the world and failure of Dharma – Spiritual Law - and karma – mode of action - of man, bringing about chaos, confusion, misery and destruction in the society, so the evolutional process of man becomes severely affected.

        Who is that glorious Yugacharya Guru, of unmatched wisdom and radiance in our time, who has come to reestablish, both the Spiritual Law of our actual era of Kali and also the Eternal Dharma of mankind? According to my experience – spiritual visions -, this Supreme Guru of Gurus is Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru of Santhigiri Ashram. Not only me, but al least 300 people around the world can testify, based on their spiritual visions, about this truth and most of them are living in Santhigiri Ashram.

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