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    Cosmic Time and God-Worship

        Dharma basically means duty or Divine Law. It means the Will of God by which we become aware of our duty, moral conduct and mission in life. It is the Divine Law to be observed in a certain era and constitutes the spiritual, social and moral rules of conduct. Since Dharma is universal and everlasting, it is called as Sanatana Dharma or the Eternal Spiritual Law.

        An important element in the concept of Dharma is the worship of God, because only through worship of God man becomes steady in the path of Dharma and God realization. Again changes take place in the concept of worship of God, as the Wheel of Time or Kalachakra marches ahead. This is that there are certain rules for the worship of God and they vary from yuga – era - to yuga. Therefore worship of God is fruitful and right, only when it goes accordingly to the Yugadharma – Spiritual Law of that era.

        It becomes necessary to know the true essence of Yugadharma going beyond all boundaries of class, caste, race and religion. What is the Yugadharma in this Kali Yuga? – Our actual era in which there is plenty of suffering, nevertheless you can evolve much faster than in previous eras. Even though Kali Yuga has started around 5,100 years ago, Yugadharma of Kali has not been completely shown to us. The Yugadharma of earlier Yugas, i.e. Treta and Dwapara is still being followed, as is evident from the prevalence of worship of all kind of deities, such as saints, angels, devas – deities misconceived as

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    fully realized souls -, etc. through various ways such as yaga and yagna – complicated sacrificial fire rituals -, tantra – form of worship where ritualistic forms are involved -, mantra – sacred syllables or words which connect you to a certain source of spiritual energy – and also all kinds of means which are contrary to the Divine Law for this era of Kali.

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