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    The Beginning of a Dark Age

        Mankind in the beginning followed the Sanatana Dharma – Eternal and Divine System of Real Spirituality; Divine Law - but man committed a sin against the Will of God. That sin is centered on a great spiritual master – Satyatrana - in the lineage of Manu – first preceptor of mankind - who egocentrically thought that ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ – I am the Supreme. It is significant to note that some religions also mention that man committed a sin in the beginning against the Will of God, which perhaps might be referring to the sin of that great spiritual master. In fact, that error occurred in the 3rd Chaturyuga – age quartet - of the present 7th Manvantara – aeon consisting of 306,720,000 years. That is around 108,000,000 years ago.

        This egocentric statement – stated by Satyatrana - caused the withdrawal of God’s Light, and resulted in the ego of humans with a big ‘I’ and ‘mine.’ So much so that the followers of Manu were entirely absorbed with this statement and even the name of Manu was forgotten!

        What followed was a long dark age of spiritual blindness. When men prayed asking for Light, certain deities started appearing in front of them representing God. The Almighty sent Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in order to correct this error. This process of correction started from the 7th Chaturyuga and was completed in the 11th Chaturyuga, but these ‘gods’ were not able to fulfill their mission and they could not even attain spiritual liberation for themselves.

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        Subsequently the Dharma Shastras – divine codes of conduct -, the Puranas – Hindu epics, sacred literature - and Itihasas – Hindu epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata - were written, wrongly glorifying these powers as the Supreme himself forgetting the Power that created them. What followed was the worship of multiple powers like ‘gods,’ devas – deities misconceived as fully realized souls -, angels, saints, etc. That was the commencement of a great fall of mankind and even devils gained momentum all over the world. Thus the levels of spiritual realization remained below the stage of ‘gods,’ saints, angels, devas and Trimurti – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva - cutting off the connection from God Almighty's Light. Twenty-five Chaturyugas – age quartets - (108,000,000 years) have thus passed.

        This error was akin to the arrogance of knowledge. Nor was this error realized later and because of this, the Guiding Light till then got eclipsed. The effect was for the very memory of Manu be banished from the heart of man and all that remained of that memory was Manu’s time scale – the Manvantara - the rest was lost. Ancient texts which spoke of the Manu are no longer extant.

        After this egocentric mistake, sin in thoughts, words and deeds flourished in the world, which in turn affected the purity and balance of this planetary system and of the whole Universe. Today the atmosphere of the Earth has become polluted, the climatic conditions of the seasons have changed, eruption of epidemics, unknown diseases, natural calamities and wars, mental and physical

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    deformity of man and the consequent unrest and violence are glaring at the destiny of man. Nations against nations have teamed up with nuclear weapons, which may at any moment befall mankind in a holocaust of death and destruction. Is it not clear that the enormous consequences of an error are obstructing the correct spiritual evolution on Earth and creating all sorts of problems?

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