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    Supremacy of Rishis
    over Saints and Devas

         Disciple: We would request you to tell us about Manu, the archetypal teacher.

         Guru: The created World is marked for its end after fourteen Manvantaras. I shall come back to this later.

        We have to touch upon another matter before that. What I am about to say has not been said before by scholars or the wise men of the Manu tradition. This has been revealed to us here in Santhigiri Ashram. We have experienced the various manifestations of the Trimurti. They are not fantasies. All these forces are real. Even low demonic forms are real. We have witnessed and experienced this reality.

        The Dwapara and the Treta ages -previous ages- were ages of miracle and the focus has been on such manifestation, not on human spiritual effort. The prevalent misconception among the Hindus now is that if a deva, is actualized there is nothing that cannot be achieved.

         Disciple: Why do you say this is a misconception?

         Guru: Tradition describes in detail often through the skills of poets or the visions of seers, the stories of these forces, Devendra, Ganapati, etc. to perfection. These stories are enshrined in temple traditions and are accessible to the laity. Some of these stories however imply that human

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    sages are spiritually more evolved than the devas, the deities worshipped within the Trimurti belief. Take the story of the curse on Devendra for example which centers around the temple at Sucheendram. And we are told too about Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the Trimurti, who, listening to the promptings of their consorts, fell under the curse of a sage’s wife and were divested of their astral powers. There have been many sages whose lives illustrate this point.

        Gunamkudi Mastan, Naranathu Bhrantan, Pakkanar, Nandanar and Tiruvalluvar were great sages. That they were sages is evident if we examine their life stories. But the Hindu scribes have befuddled these stories and identified them conveniently with the Trimurti belief. In this perspective the deva becomes capable of making or wrecking a human being’s life with a single blessing or a single curse. The past Dwapara and the Treta ages were ages of miracle and the focus in the Kali Age has remained wrongly on such manifestation, rather than spiritual effort. The limits of human destiny are thus defined through the miracles of the devas. The lives of the sages, also were chronicled in the manner of the devas. If these legends are subjected to meticulous questioning, the priestly class would resist analysis and attribute everything to maya, cosmic illusion.

        We could believe that with the coming of the Aryans into India, many good things happened here. But this good is not evident now probably because of the passage of time or of the deceit by spiritual leaders who

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    attempted to overturn the Will of the Almighty. Whatever be the reason, most people today are like animals benighted and penned.

         Disciple: The deceit of the spiritual leaders?

    Next Chapter: Jeevanmuktha, Liberated Soul, Mayor Sin and its Effects. Spiritual Evolution and Gurumargam. Path of the Guru. Systems of Worship. Establishment of Yugadharma, Need for the Change in Dharma (Spiritual Law) as per the Yuga (Era)

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