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    Science, its Consequences
    and God Men   

       Guru: Nowadays there is a plethora of ideas and their exponents. There are cultists, rationalists and god men. And there are scholars of every shade making a variety of evaluations of one another. Do you not see much of it in the media? What do you make of it? People do not understand one another. As before even now from one state of ignorance, people move on to another.

        Disciple: What then do you suggest? What is to be done to correct this situation?

        Guru: What is needed here now is not correction, but an awareness of what the situation is. Will any group admit that they are in any way less than the others? If any group is criticized, they organize themselves and the worst strains in their behaviour surface.

        God men are skillful. Our university professors and principals are qualified in their own right. Theologians and the writers of our Puranas are all capable. There is one section which particularly believes that only that which is in the Vedas and Upanishads -Hindu philosophical scriptures- is right.

        They make even taller claims than the others. And both the rationalists and spiritual liberationists think that their way is the best way.

        We should not say that all this is wrong. We should only say that it is right. At first glance, it might appear wrong. But if one looks with a discriminating eye,

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    a certain logic becomes apparent. In fact we will begin to think that this is very much right, when we consider the scriptural texts and legends.

        All these god men, rationalists and liberationists are people who would have lived several lives through vast periods of time. They would have subscribed to different doctrines and beliefs.

        There is another self-important group, who feel that they are the ones who are in possession of the actual truth. They are the scientists. Could we who have experienced the benefits of science and witnessed its growth say that their claim is wrong? However with the passage of time they will have to admit that their claim is not entirely right. Take for example some of the modern medicines created in the laboratories. When put to general use they are found to have numerous adverse side effects.

        Scientific conclusions today undergo very rapid changes. In spite of all this there is a large section of people who support science indiscriminately.

        All these points of view are picked up and used by another group which has grown very strong here.

        The fall of the Skylab unsettled people the World over and there were various opinions. We are already aware that science is creating imbalances and has unforeseen hidden dangers. Its attendant technology is filling the air with toxic vapors.

        Atmospheric pollution affects human beings, planets and animals; leading to diseases and probably, to the distortion of the human character. People

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    seem to be already becoming like automatons. That is only natural. We eat the produce from the plants polluted by pesticides. Needless to say that this will affect not only our body but also our mind.

        What we eat does affect our mind. There is ample proof in support of this. Take our artists for example. Many of them cannot write or act unless they are inspired by liquor. Once it goes in, songs burst forth. They might even dance though out of step. They will make up for their lack of natural charms through artificial means. This falseness has become widespread. Even the medical profession is not free from this evil. Though evolved out of compassion, it has drifted far from such life-giving vision. It cannot be wrong to point out this unhappy fact.

        It is possible that toxic substances released into the atmosphere, gather at certain points. This could lead to unpredictable disasters. Because it can easily destroy the effects of the sun or the moon over us.

        In this situation, what does a person who gains some knowledge do to communicate it to others? It would be a great thing if he is not finished off by all these men swarming in on him.

        Disciple: Earlier you mentioned that there is a strong group here which support all these groups. This is not quite clear.

        Guru: You see, among the rich and the poor alike, there is a race for the benefits of education. Mostly the children of the rich do not study. By hook or by crook, using money or otherwise, they pass some examinations, get a

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    degree and come out to discover a field of activity -politics. They are fascinated. They want to be leaders, travel in cars and airplanes. Rich young men attain this goal and dazzle the World.

        Whom does this unsettle? The children of the poor who do not have enough to feed and clothe themselves with. Even they are chasing a World of fantasy. Some of them aspire to be leaders. They turn clich├ęs and platitudes into ideals.

        A select among these, watching the whole process, rush for any opportunity they can turn to their advantage. This type uses everyone and everything and grabs power and takes over leadership. Raising various issues, from the lowest to the highest, local to the national, they arrogate power to themselves. They establish themselves as supreme and push others into submission, into being the guards of their citadel. This class keeps alive conflicts and thrives on them. I had suggested that the pollution of environment, may have destructive effects on human character. Toxic vapors in the environment affect all creatures and envenom their faculties. If you consider the interconnection of things, would the present degradation of life seem an accident to you?

        Disciple: If we admit all this to be true, how is one to forge ahead?

        Guru: I have been repeatedly telling you, that from time to time such great men are born as would establish the wisdom appropriate for the Yuga -era.

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        Through sacrifice and the grace of God, they attain wisdom. After earthly life these souls ascend to good planets and stellar spheres. These very same souls, by the Will of God, are born again as the children of that Supreme Father. As objects of His unbounded compassion they start receiving the asariri, direct revelations from God. Only those sons, who take birth by God's Grace and Will, are able to receive this voice. Only they can bring back to our memory the effulgent words of the Gita, Upanishads and Vedas -Hindu philosophical scriptures- and so lead us Godwards.

        In the ordinary course, no one receives the asariri. No matter who he is, a pundit or an ignoramus, a learned man or an unlettered one, a vedantin or a rationalist. Therefore let us stop this discussion at this point.

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