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    Science originated in India.
    Ramayana. Prophecies 

        Disciple: If Guru could explain the concept of the modern.

        Guru: By modern, you often have in mind the various products of applied science: gadgets, machines, warheads, rockets and so on. The time is not far off, within twenty-five years (2005 A.D.) when there will be some untoward happenings in India itself, which will put an end to this kind of scientific growth.

        When this happens people will review scientific growth thoroughly, varied opinions will come up, as to whether this growth should be checked or not. Also it would be an opportunity to study the predicament carefully.

        A revelation to us indicates that India will at that point reject this kind of science. If we do not give it up, there will be a disaster at the latest within the next three hundred and fifty years. It will be a global tragedy. The very mention of science will be abhorred by people then. As the origin of science is in India, it should come to an end here itself.

        Disciple: Why do you say that science originated in India? Was it not the westerners who made these discoveries?

        Guru: No. Let us take an example. It was rishi Bharadwaja who invented the science of aeronautics. We have only one indication that illustrates the greatness of this science. It is said that the aircraft ‘Pushpaka Vimanam’, advanced aeronautical machine, had glass windows which neither explosives

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    nor arrows could break.

        Bharadwaja had not wanted his knowledge to be used then, as he foresaw destruction if it was applied. But his disciple was keen on its practical application. The Guru had forbidden the disciple, foreseeing disaster. The disciple thought he might try this out elsewhere. He went to Sri Lanka and built the Pushpaka aircraft using the perception of his Guru. To bring the aircraft to everyone's notice, he flew to India and abducted an Indian woman. It was a humiliation for India and hostility developed between the two countries. This led to Sri Lanka almost getting destroyed and the collapse of its state.

        The truth behind the abduction of Sita has been revealed to us. People have understood it differently. Ravana, king of Sri Lanka, was not moved by the woman. The abduction was only a dramatic strategy to catch attention. He was interested in demonstrating his prowess, as also his superiority. He did not violate her; she was kept in a safe and special place, Mandodari, Ravana's wife, was personally involved in taking care of her.

        It was not an enmity between two kings, it was in essence a conflict between Guru and disciple over the practical application of knowledge gained through mystical perception. To demonstrate the power of the knowledge he had obtained, the King of Lanka insulted another king, who was baffled. It is this incident in which science was originally profaned.

        Thus although the origin of science was in India, it also became blighted

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    here right at the start.

        We cannot say that the West has invented science. India, learning from the bitter experience of that initial disaster, did not pursue science. After Yugas -eras- India's scientific knowledge passed into the hands of outsiders who came here to study. The ancient universities of Nalanda and Taxila had foreign students. They translated our texts into their languages. When we have this evidence it is not possible to say that science originated in the West.

        Within twenty five years, by the year 2005, a disaster arising from modern science will strike India as well as other countries. According to the indications we have received, certain other countries will suffer more than India. Muslims are refined in religious practices, community grouping and in administration. The reason for this is that they do not let non Muslims into their religious and political setup for better or for worse. But as a result infighting has arisen from within the community itself.

        Some of the Islamic countries will progress more, indulge in wars and bring about their own destruction. Some important politicians together with some evolved pacifists, will start a movement for peace in India within the next thirty years (year 2010). Accepting the ideas of that movement, two great men will come to the forefront advocating certain ideals to the warring countries.

        Two children will be born around this time in the countries of Arabia. They

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    will recognize the full value of those ideals and translate them into action. Through them those countries will bring about, in their countries, the peace that would prevail in India at that time. The advanced Western powers, big and small, will war among themselves. The communist countries too forming alliances will war with one another. These countries will be opposed by even noncommunist countries.

        Thus when the World becomes full of conflicts, the desire for peace also will grow proportionately. Then it will be India that will have to come forward with a solution.

        Scientific knowledge originated in India. When that knowledge is destroyed, India will lead the World out of that havoc.

        Disciple: Do you have any instruction or samkalpa, -prayer asking for something- to offer India in this context?

        Guru: Yes. One of these is already being done here. That is the chanting of the Akhandanamam -powerful mantra that leads you to God Almighty and that is chanted in Shanthigiri Ashram- in accordance with the revealed instruction.

        It has been revealed that the birth of some great souls is imminent in the World. They will be the harbingers of peace. The exact places of their nativity have not been told. They might be anywhere in the World. They will take birth within three months from now (1980).

        India, nay the World itself, should rejoice that the Almighty has given us

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    this opportunity to strive spiritually and physically in the cause of that peace. We must pray ceaselessly for the grace we have received and for its ultimate fulfillment.

        Disciple: What is your instruction for achieving this goal?

        Guru: A reorganization of our society, of our country. All of us, believers, should free ourselves from the destructive effects of the caste system. We should overcome ethnic and religious differences. All children of this land should come together in humility and in devotion to God. That is the way to reorganize. This will give us strength of mind and power.

        The community that could contribute greatly towards this reorganization is the Brahmin community. In them intelligence, skill, ability and shrewdness blend as it were. They should give up their caste trappings completely and accept a composite culture, the culture that is meant for Kali Age. This is the age of Samkara, mixing. The Bhagavad Gita indicates the setting in of this age, which has been misinterpreted, through extrapolations as a need to prevent Samkara or mixing.

        First of all the pattern of worship, one system for the Brahmins and a different one for the rest should change. Instead of wallowing in ritual we should seek the Divine through direct and experiential worship. Those who strive wholeheartedly for this, should lead others who lack awareness. If we do not do this, the births of great souls would be diverted elsewhere away from our ethnic stream. The focus of redemption will move away and we will

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    be left in a complex of karma.

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