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        Disciple: Perhaps pitrusuddhi, the cleansing of the manes, is crucial to the freeing of man from his collective anxiety. I have heard you talk about pitrusuddhi at various points of time, and in its various aspects. Still I have not completely understood it. What is the exact meaning and purpose of pitrusuddhi?

        Guru: For the past six or seven years you have been hearing about it. You are also trained to perform it.

        You are able to see what has been going on from the time of Sri Rama, the devas, the upadevas, rishis, sanyasins, (lower deities, demi-gods, seers, renouncers), as well as the lower dark entities. You are able to see the karma -past actions- of each and everyone. Should you not then assess their karma? In fact you are able to see and solve the faults in this plane. What do I do if you still have doubts? Even though you do not know about other age-quartets, God has revealed the reality of the present age-quartet to you. Your mission is to tell others how to redeem all those souls through the Mercy of God. Your mission is to attempt that redemption.

        Disciple: Yes, that alone is our mission. We are performing it through the knowledge we have from experience. That is true. Actually we have several proofs even without you telling us.

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        Guru: Could you yourself then give a few from these several examples?

        Disciple: Yes, I could.

        Guru: Then, tell.…

        Disciple: Recently I was reading a book entitled the Ramayana tatvam.

        Guru: You have been living here for these many years and have experienced devas, devis, -‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ misconceived as spiritual liberated souls- and the Gurus from Rama, Krishna, Moses, Jesus to Mohammed and their paramparas -incarnated and disincarnated souls who act accordingly with the doctrine of these spiritual guides. You have seen the Buddha, Kanva, Pulasthyar, the eighteen Siddhas and their respective paramparas. You have seen these and many others up to Narayana Guru who lived recently. You have known the truth of these lives and you act from such knowledge. Why do you bring in a written text?

        Disciple: I was merely trying to compare. We have seen more than what is described in the Ramayana.

        According to our vision, Rama spared a satanic being for the reason that the time for overcoming him is in Kali Age, at the hands of a Guru. In the year 1971, a man in the grip of possession was brought to the Ashram. The Being speaking out through the man, corroborated what had been revealed to us namely the recurrence of that confrontation in Kali Age. In such ways are we instructed, leaving little room for doubt.

        Guru: The deliverance of the pitrus -ancestors living in astral planes-

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    is important, not only in Hinduism but also in other religions. This is the basis of the Christian mass for the dead, performed by their priests. Muslims follow practices like the ratib.

        Disciple: We have the story of Agastya's vision of his pitrus. He was roaming the forest as a renunciate. He saw his pitrus in great agony.

        He had to beget progeny and endure strenuous karma -actions. While in bygone epochs, so much striving had taken place for the cleansing of the manes, we in our parampara, accomplish it with the greatest ease by submitting to the grace of the Guru, in the subtle plane.

        As a result, the purification of the manes takes place. Those who have to remain as pitrus, stay as they are. Those who deserve to attain release get it along with the devas and devis they worshipped. We have no trace of doubt after knowing from our experience, that such purification is effected by our submission to you. We have witnessed it time and again.

        Guru: The glaring inequalities that are seen today and the purposelessness in the lives of people, can all be rooted out through the correct knowledge and practice of pitrusuddhi -cleansing of the manes. Is it not that the Divine has given you an opportunity to understand clearly that pitrusuddhi would lead to a future of better generations?

        You are evolving, nurtured with the vision, words, love and compassion of great souls. You are doing the most significant and profound work in the World. Through your work, not only you and your families, but all those who

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    follow this path, will together shed the light of truth on this World.

        By performing pitrusuddhi to you and your family, not only you and your pitrus -ancestors- will be cleansed, but also the saints, deities and devas -lower ‘gods’- who were worshipped by you and your ancestors. Thereby they will be beacons of light to the World. Should we not realize that God’s Will is working through this to correct the fault of the Manuparampara -people who act accordingly with the doctrine or Dharma (code of conduct) of Manu- and to prepare humanity for the transition into Satya Yuga (next era that will begin within 428,000 years, with the conclusion of the present Kali Yuga)?

        You are indeed blessed. You are allowed conscious participation in this transition. You are preparing the people of your country and in doing so humanity itself for this transition. This is the greatest conceivable grace that must have come upon anyone. As instruments of God’s Will, you have the opportunity to gauge the merits and demerits of Yugas. You are the most blessed of the blessed, wisest of the wise. It is most fortunate to be able to do this for the World in accordance with Kali Age. God’s grace will be with you in its fulness, I am convinced of it.

        Disciple: While Hinduism is aware of stellar fields and their inter relatedness with manes and men, religions with larger followings do not acknowledge it.

        Guru: These religions by virtue of their cultural inheritances, have no such orientation.

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        Both the West and the Middle East, were culturally very backward two thousand years ago. History says so. It is found to be true even when we examine these cultures through darshanam, -internal visions, revelations. They were almost primitive. Later, prophets and preceptors came to lead them.

        We are aware of the times of Moses and the worship and the customs. Four thousand years ago, Israel and the West followed practices baser than Shakteya, the basest mode of worship we have now, presenting goddess Shakti as the perfect one. Jesus and Mohammed came into the World to bring about a radical change in that situation.

        The teachings of these prophets were taken up by people who were most ignorant. All that they did, was to respect the truth enshrined in their faith. As peoples they yearned for a better future. And these religions evolved through the agency of the most backward people into powerful World communities. However when these religions developed and established themselves through such simple people, the view of Creation was elementary. The so-called learned of those times were disseminating negative, harmful knowledge. That is why people who were not scholarly, but endowed with original minds were chosen. They transmitted faith and developed new cultures.

        The basic premise of those religions, is that man was created by the Will of God and woman from the man’s rib. It was an imaginative exposition.

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        There is sounder reasoning in the way Hindus treat the theme of Creation. They start with a theory of evolution which no one can refute.

        Most Muslim nations have had contacts with India. Among these peoples there are several beliefs, which are akin to Indian metaphysical theories. One should believe that this is because of their connections with India. Islam came into its own five hundred years after the inception of Christianity. These new religions did not have to contemplate on the origin of life. Nor did they get such knowledge.

        In these societies, the already existing rudiments of scientific knowledge were revitalized under these prophetic religions. This is the origin of contemporary science. It is only after the mechanical and external inquiries of science attained fulness, that these societies turned to planets and stars and their relation and influence on life.

        Today there is agreement the World over, that planets and stars do exercise some influence on life on Earth. We hear about eminent doctors, using the most modern equipments and facilities, who have been able to trace the origins of diseases through hypnotic regression. The regressions lead to points of awesome transition, linking up the disease to previous truths beyond recalled memory, but science is not yet ready to face this truth.

        In the background of such developments of knowledge, if we are to probe deep into religions we will find something vitally lacking in their philosophies.

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    However we will have to concede that the same developments have helped to strengthen the basic principles of the Hindu’s religion. The effects of the stars, the time of his birth and the influence of his zodiac have all been accurately computed

        What the modern psychiatrists find in the unconscious, through intensive research, the Hindus found through astrological computations. If it is so, the Hindu vision is integrated with the very being of an individual. Is it not clear then, that there is a way to build up a ‘higher or better’ life? This aspect is clearly indicated elsewhere too.

        All religions recognize the urge for solitude that arises in an individual who is satiated with living. Thinkers in the field of all sciences seek that solitude. Indian religious thinking gives great importance to sanyasa, renunciation, which is indeed a path of solitude.

        In this path Brahmacharya, men celibacy, is given utmost importance. Brahmacharya is observed through four stages -adolescence, youth, middle age, and after. Brahmacharya stops being an issue once an individual reaches the stage of solitude, after stages of realization. The principles that are enjoined to be followed till the person reaches that stage, can be observed with great benefits by even the most grossminded. A model for right living, is what it is intended to be. One could take it as a religious norm and could stay free from committing great sins.

        An individual who absorbs this principle will eventually refrain from killing

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    even a small creature. His life will be a life of order and value. Once this is established in his life, he will not incline to any evil. Ultimately this will become the reality of his soul itself. His karmagati, essence of action ingrained in a person's soul causing rebirth, will end there.

        A part of Vedic Hinduism concerns the philosophy of the devas. One part of it deals with the sport of the deva, masculine deity, and the devi, feminine deity. All the Vedas, books of Hinduism´s spiritual wisdom, speak of this aspect. Even some Puranas -Hindu epics, sacred scriptures of an historical and prophetic character- have touched it. This aspect has been espoused by many seekers.

        Some of them were married. Devas are also seen to have consorts. Some of our Indian sages were married too. This does not mean mukti. It does not mean the negation of God either.

        One is visited by the result of one's previous life's action. It is in this context that the difference between two types of people is seen. One type lives without caring to know about the relation of effect to cause. The other type does seek. An Acharya, highly respected spiritual teacher, should first of all assess both these types and gauge how they affect society in general before working in society. The Manuparampara -Manu's lineage, incarnated and disincarnated souls following Manu's doctrine or Dharma- discovered this truth several hundreds of age-quartets ago. No one can bring a new theory to replace it.

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        The Indian people still possess a general understanding about these things. That is why a certain importance is given to Indian philosophy and spirituality. To understand this philosophically an inquiry into the Sthoola-Sookshma- Karya-Karana relationship (material-ethereal-cause-effect relationship), and the related assessment of the course of life is necessary. By now have you not received a complete answer to your question about the pitrus -ancestors?

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