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    Evolution in Kali Yuga, Castes 

       Disciple: By this age do you mean this Kali Age?

       Guru: Yes, it is this Kali I mean.

       Disciple: What do you mean by this Kali?

       Guru: What I mean is that there is a complete good to be attained by the end of this Kali.

       Disciple: What is the reason for you to qualify the good as complete?

       Guru: This has been discussed already. You know that Kali comes at the end of an age-quartet. The first phase of Kali Age is for assessing the merits and demerits of the three bygone Yugas -eras. May be it takes some 25,000 years for the completion of this assessment.

       Disciple: By assessment do you imply an evaluation of the different births of people?

       Guru: Certainly that is true.

       Disciple: Then could we take it for certain that an individual takes numerous births?

       Guru: Yes, you may believe it to be so.

       Disciple: How does one convince people at large about this truth?

       Guru: It is fully possible to convince people. But the only thing is that very few people are inclined to think about these subjects.

       Disciple: How then can this belief be imparted, in its totality, to people?

       Guru: As we have already said when there is no way of resolving the

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    bewildering dead end that they have reached and no other choice, people will start recognizing what is true. Has it not happened in history earlier? This will repeat here too. People will be forced to see the truth in these matters. The conviction will grow firm through trials and tribulations. I say this in the light of my own experience. Politics and religion have gradually grown into complete systems today. The new idea regarding spirituality will also grow into a complete system. Those people who will accept this idea with certitude, will develop all positive qualities, truthfulness, humility and the competence to translate this idea into action. They will work out this idea for the peace and survival of humanity. And this certitude will remain in the World for a long time to come. With the attainment of this, there will be a transition to the Satya Yuga of the next age-quartet.

       Disciple: The process will go on and the phases of successive Manus will be completed in their righteous course. Is this not what Guru is saying?

       Guru: Yes.

       Disciple: It is true that most people will be involved in this process. All the same a certain section will not show even a remote interest in it.

       Guru: Could you elaborate on it? Who is this one section? I do not understand who you mean.

       Disciple: This is the section of backward people in Indian communities. Hindus have separated a group of people and kept them down labeling them as Harijans. Christians have kept a section apart calling them backward

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    Christians. Only one community exists here who have not brought about any divisions amongst themselves that is the Islamic group. There are no backward Muslims in Islam. When a member of the depressed castes converts to Islam he is free to take a front seat to observe namaz, prostration for Muslim people, at the place of worship. No one stops him.

       Guru: There are reasons for this equality in Islam. In recent times only two men have taken birth in India who can be compared to the Prophet. The Hindus profaned their message. Consequently Hinduism itself has become decadent to such an extent that it has lost its dignity. One of these masters was Krishna. He was born into the backward clan of the Yadavas.

        It appears that at a time when physical prowess was the deciding factor in the choice of a king, a royal family established itself on this basis. The killing of the seven elder brothers of Krishna proves this. The legend is full of praises for Vasudeva, Krishna’s father. It is to be inferred that barring the members of the royal family all others live like poor Sudras.

        There is a group known as the clan of Krishna among the Nairs in Kerala. By occupation they are cowherds. They are poor. There is no sign of any previous affluence in their way of life. Among Nairs there are many such divisions just as the term Harijan -untouchables or low-caste Hindus- covers many sub-castes. Does this not show divisions and subdivisions were created in society and how people were made weak? Casteism divided people into groups. Thus fragmented, they did not develop the consciousness of one

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    people. These divisions and subdivisions make the pursuit of civilizational achievement difficult. We can see how homogenous communities of faith like Islam and Christianity have an advantage in this matter.

        In recent times the Government of Kerala has come into the hands of the Sudras. This has improved their lot. In North India the Sudra -lowest of the castes in India- still does not have a standing.

        Now the term Harijan covers diverse groups of people. They have been given a fresh label Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

        In fact all the higher caste groups, were at one time in the same backward state. They have all bettered their positions with help from the ruling cliques. None of them were in any way intrinsically superior to the Harijans.

        Within the next eighty years, Harijans will no doubt reach the position the higher communities enjoy. The reason is the present democratic system. In a democracy, whether people are fully aware of its principles or not, anyone is entitled to seek and acquire learning or better economic status. Caste is no bar in becoming a people’s representative in the government. With these developments a certain decisive trend is set.

        The history of this country, shows that even the stronger communities were not in any way superior. Is it not clear that it is the discrimination practiced by successive political hegemonies that created these tragic and debilitating divisions and weaknesses? Today’s government grants all kinds

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    of concessions and protections to Harijans and backward Christians. The rate at which they have progressed in the last eighty years, indicates that within the coming eighty years, they will reach the status of the strongest communities. Certainly it is always the policies of the ruling power that determine whether some communities progress or not. Faults have crept into Islam, may be it has got something to do with our times. As rulers Muslims had tried to do many things to prove their superiority. Carried away by enthusiasm, some of them imprisoned their own fathers to grab power. Islamic history has such stories.

        Although Mohammed was accepted as the Prophet, his grandsons were killed. That was rather unusual. Because of Mohammed's greatness, the faith spread and the followers became wealthy and powerful. But the times have changed and the faith is not being practiced according to the changed circumstances. If this is the case with the Prophet’s tradition in just fifteen hundred years, it would be possible even to compute the countless twists that would have entered Hinduism within its vast expanses of time. Obviously many servants of God, must have taken birth among the ancients to rectify these shortfalls.

        Your observation about the depressed sections was right. Still a few messengers sent by God, must have taken birth in these classes to redeem them. As a result even in Kerala, there have been a number of persons of the weaker classes who have risen to decisive positions. Deoraj Urs in

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    Karnataka, the late Jagjivan Ram who was a Union Minister and the late Dr. Ambedkar who gave us our Constitution are all examples. These and others like them, are enough to dispel all doubts about the rise of weaker classes. If this trend continues for another eighty years, their position will become unassailable under any type of governance, whether based on political parties or otherwise. This is the Will of God.

        Once again, there is only one thing I would want you to be careful about. There is this community with its monasteries founded by clever pundits, which never even lifted a finger against the evil customs in society. These pundits deceived us with the talk of Sanatana, -perennial, the Hindu way is supposed to be Sanatana-, Advaita -non duality, monism- and Haindava -that which relates to Hinduism.

        We should realize that they might have had a divine sanction to obtain important positions in society and to cleverly administer and rule people for so long.

        Now is the most opportune time for this shrewd and capable community to enlighten others. For this they should get the right perspective on the present age and work in cooperation with others.

        This is also the best age for all peoples to unite in compassion, in the true spirit of the Sanatana principle. Let us initiate the process in the firm hope that the discerning would not let this period of grace go waste. Let us pray that we achieve the right mind to carry this out.

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       Disciple: What would you suggest to counter those who are chasing after the so-called ‘modern’ way of life?

       Guru: There is no need to counter them. There will come a stage where those who run and those who impel them to run will halt on their own.

        There is a saying that goes: He who runs and he who chases will both develop the same cramps. One chases, presumably because of an excess of energy. The other no matter how healthy, is running to escape death. One is running because of arrogance while the other runs out of fear. Once they run out of breath, they both become equal. Knowledge of certain future events, has been given to us here by God. Even in earlier spiritual traditions, we find certain indications of the modern period. Echoes of the times to come, can be heard also in the words of Christ and the Prophet, Mohammed.

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