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    Gurumargam, Love, Prophecies
    (End of Times)

        Guru: It has been clearly seen that those who follow the Gurumargam (path of the Guru or spiritual teacher in which there must be, from the adept, a total faith and devotion towards the teacher) in a total way would move towards mukti, spiritual liberation. Those who follow other paths would be guided to evolve into the deva stage at least. That these will become universal concepts you need have no doubt. Take for example the question of human rights. Individually everyone might notbe enjoying all the basic rights. Yet the awareness that human rights should be universal, has become widespread and has gained ground. Again, now government legislation, does not bar anyone from education. On the contrary, nowadays people are encouraged to study. Education receives many financial grants from the government. In due course, there will come a stage when anyone can pursue any type of learning.

        When man acquires learning and affluence and a certain control over his circumstances, he will think about peace. In fact his further striving will be for peace, once he has achieved wealth and power in equal measure. That he will reach his goal need not be doubted. In ten or twelve generations these people would seek, and come into, Gurumargam, the path of the Guru. If this does not happen within, say, two hundred years, the World can fall into great chaos and stagnation. Water is used to dissolve salt.

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    The Almighty will meet that stagnation in a similar way. He will send masters into the World who will adopt uncompromising measures to cleanse humanity. These messengers of God, will be empowered to directly remove the evils from Nature. Instead of inducing the Almighty to take such measures, we should put all our intelligence and ability into use right away. We should earnestly wish to know God's Will and be in tune with it. Let us pray that all human efforts reflect this concern.

        Disciple: Please clarify one more point. Some intellectuals might see traces of antagonism in what you have said. Would they not?

        Guru: Antagonism? Certainly there is antagonism. Would I be happy if my contemporaries became bad in any way? If I had a family, would I stay quiet if one of them committed a mistake? I would try to correct the person to the extent possible. If I had a mother, sister or other close relatives I would try to check any waywardness in them, recognizing it as a threat to everyone and to themselves. Now, I do not have such relations. What remains is the love for God. That love can never be in association with evil. It will find its association with good.

        Love for God, thus takes one to where good prevails. But is it possible to chastise all evildoers in one go? We are increasingly influenced by a distortion which turns us towards evil. The learned and the illiterate, jnanis -men of spiritual knowledge-, bhaktas -devoted men-, karmis -those who spiritually evolve through righteous actions-, all are affected by this.

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    How could one communicate with all of them? Of what use would it be to let them know? They will hardly listen.

        It is painful to witness certain situations; certain others arouse sympathy. There will be occasions when people turn tormentors. One has witnessed and endured this for a long period. One has also realized that all people are capable and intelligent in their own ways. If by God's Grace, they would utilize some of this intelligence in righteous ways what an asset it would be for us and for the World!

        It is a truth, that there will be peace on Earth when such righteous souls come in our midst. Is this peace just for you and me? If you are concerned only with the well-being of your self or of your own group, then you need not trouble yourself with all this.

        It is not possible for us to gauge in what measure or what manner the love for God or the love in Him is present in people. Many are the capabilities that this love can bring out in man. Love is a quality present in each one. But to nurture it and reach it to its fulness, a certain constant sensitive care has to be exercised. I do not believe that there is anything equal to such love, divine love. My own faith is in this love alone. That is probably why I happen to feel like this. I hope no one finds my words inimical.

        View everything through love, which is ultimately right knowledge. Right knowledge leads you to the awareness of the faults in your soul. Cease to seek merit and demerit for your own self. If there is something called ‘I’

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    it is merely one among millions, one among the countless creatures in Nature. Say to that Almighty: all this forms part of Your greatness; You are the Truth and Untruth of the World. You are sat, cit and ananda, -existence, consciousness and divine bliss.

        These words come from a prayer that all may attain Him. May He bless all His children in this!

        Disciple: Great revolutionary fervour is seen everywhere in the World today. What could this mean? There is no peace in religion or in politics; action in these areas seems to be marked by uncertainty and ignorance.

        Guru: We need be surprised only if it were otherwise. In the perspective of the World's great cycles of rise and fall, the current phase is an inevitable one. There would be more harm than ever before if we remain self-satisfied thinking that what we have so far discovered is mostly correct. If we continue in the belief that the past was mostly right, we can only lead the whole World into darkness.

        Indian society had become moribund through the oppression of kings and feudal lords and later of the landholders; caste and religion had become as negative as negative could be. The early politicians were inspired merely by the idea of freedom. They were selfless and led the freedom struggle. It is because of this selflessness that they had become aware of the people's distress and wanted to achieve freedom somehow or the other. They did not think of any goal beyond that. None of them envisioned lasting values for

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    society, they were not working to perpetuate values. In the course of their movement they did many things, good and bad. They progressed smoothly at times and at times fell into pitfalls. In the political arena, there are some people who will agree with anything and some who disagree with everything. Both types are selfish and egoistic. They merely vie with one another. Each one wants to prove his superiority. This is an aberration that has crept into them unawares.

        People who are generally of the above description accept various kinds of leaders. Some of them, in sheer imitation of the first leaders, mindlessly start spouting certain ideals. They have no idea of sacrifice at all. They are not even familiar with it. A few people will take them seriously, specially the poor who are neither educated nor well-to-do. These simple folks, believe every word of those in whom they place their affection. Such people are brought together for mere numerical strength. The early leaders had become heroes on the strength of such public backing. They remained thus in the public mind for some time. Nowadays pompous pageants and wordy debates are carried on, as though these are all that matter in this World.

        It is natural that it should be so. It is a reaction to the earlier mentioned repression by kings, feudal lords and landholders. This would inevitably lead to a general lack of principles and ideals. It does not really matter. But in this confusion, even sensible counsel gets ignored.

        This is a kind of race, but a race in which you reach the seashore where

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    you can only look at the horizon and amuse yourself. You cannot run further. You can neither run along the shore endlessly nor run back. When the World comes to such a dead end all the problems will surface quicker. The chaos that ensues, would be agonizing. By the Will of God, a time would follow then bringing relief. The present aberrations of the leader, both in politics and religion, will then disappear either spontaneously or through compulsion. This will happen imperceptibly just as the institution of kingship disappeared. At this time, a great messenger of God would come into the World. Conflicts will arise over his ideas which will go on for some time. For some time people will be enthusiastic to put these ideas into practice. It will take long to achieve this goal. In this manner over a period, the good that is ordained for this age will become manifest.

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