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    Celestial Bodies, Karma,
    Kali Age and Dharma 

       Disciple: Is there anything further you would like to tell us on this solar system with its nine spheres, twelve zodiacal sections and twenty-seven constellations. Pray tell us if there is, so that we can have a clear understanding.

        Guru: As already said this is the time of the seventh Manu, this is the era in which we are living now. It means we are in the middle of the present World cycle since its creation. There is half more to go. We should believe that there are any number of solar systems.

        Disciple: Do you have full evidence?

        Guru: Yes. I was able to see astrally a hundred and four such solar systems. Ours is a moderate system among these. There are also constellations to be seen among them. Constellations are realms where souls of great merit such as we discussed earlier reside. God has created each solar system with a specific nature to it.

        Disciple: Do you believe any other solar system to be more powerful than ours?

        Guru: There are many other solar systems bigger and more powerful. Each has a different nature. Ten such solar systems make up one unit. A solar system is controlled by many constellations.

        Disciple: Why do you say so?

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        Guru: Like the field of attraction between the Earth and other planets of this system, there are fields of attraction amongst these constellations also. The merits and demerits of a specific solar system decides the attraction among planets and between planets and constellations.

        Disciple: Why would they be attracted thus?

        Guru: Sin and beneficence are the only content of action. The residue of action of both types, accrue in the World in the collective. According to the preponderance of either, the earth’s attraction towards malefic or beneficent heavenly bodies vary. This attraction could result in either destruction or sustenance. If the attraction is negative, it is possible that the atmospheric tension itself can cause conflagration and create havoc in the Earth system. Or else freezing temperatures might result and life thus might be exterminated. There may be some upheavals and destruction. If the attraction is towards a beneficent constellation on the other hand, there might be initial disasters but eventually a better way of life. Regions which preponderate in either of these two attributes, may experience such varying stellar influences.

        Disciple: Can we conclude from the extent of disaster that any particular region is a region of sin?

        Guru: Sin and beneficence are not what we think they are. The logic of it is determined by the Will of the Brahman. Deviation from that Will, is what results in sinful action.

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        Disciple: May it please the Guru to elucidate it further.

        Guru: This Kali Age has a special grace, it is designated as an epoch for the commingling of all aspects of action, its resolution, and redemption. This is a good opportunity for everyone alike, the Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudra -all hindu casts- and also for all people around the World. Brahmins are now following the so called grosser persuasions. They are doing what the outcastes used to do. Some run eating shops. Some go into fishing industries and such like pursuits. The Dharma -duty, divine code of conduct- of the Kshatriya and his state craft has shifted into the hands of chandalas -outcastes or untouchables- and Sudras -lower of the castes in India. A handful stick to their Dharma. Their Dharma however is not in keeping with Kali, the age of samkara, mixing. They find it difficult to bring about a change within themselves to suit Kali Age.

        What is Dharma according to this Kali Age has the Grace of the Almighty. This Dharma is beneficent for all, the Sudra, the Brahmin and the rest of the World. The only difficulty is that we do not realize it yet. There is often partial realization but a turning away from the total reality.

        Take for instance the practice of Sati. There was a Hindu notion that it was best for a woman to die when the husband died. But people as a whole have left this practice with the exception of some. It is good that it is so. If people do not practice the Dharma of living, how are they to presume that they have performed their Dharma by performing Sati? How could they earn

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    mukti? Do they know the stage attained by the husband’s soul in terms of karma or Dharma? In the scheme of vedic ritual, is there a part meant for attaining mukti? Vedic ritual merely relates to the cycle of birth and rebirth.

        There is another aspect to be considered. If the husband is someone who had done base deeds and the woman's spirit attaches itself to his spirit it can be disastrous. Sati itself is enforced suicide which warps the soul and leads it astray into malefic planetary and zodiacal fields. The Sati might even move into the field of the Gulika -very powerful demon- and turn into a very destructive entity. The descendants will be adversely affected by it.

        There is an example of such spiritual degradation in Kerala itself. Palghat is an area full of Brahmins, with eighteen Tamil Brahmin settlements (agraharam) and several Malayali Brahmin (Nambudiri) homesteads. The present state of Palghat is heart-rending. It is a place full of lepers and misshapen people. Many have incurable diseases. It is the end result of their way of life, which was based on destructive ritualism, which they thought was good for their well being and their spiritual development. You can see such degradation all over the country, and even in neighboring countries like Bangladesh, which before their conversion to Islam used to follow the Kali ritual.

        Only the benediction of a true and fully realized or liberated Guru can set right what has gone awry. In the present Kali Age this can be achieved fully.

        Now the cleansing of the manes through the intercession of devas -lower

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    ‘gods’ misconceived as spiritually liberated souls- is not as effective as before. The practice has become effete. In this age a total cleansing can be achieved through the realized Guru, a cleansing of ourselves, our manes, and the ‘gods’ -devas, saints, etc.- who have been the objects of worship in the past several ages. Those among the manes and the devas who deserve mukti will get it, and the rest will be born in the human plane to strive for mukti -spiritual liberation. This is an opportune time for such cleansing.

        Those who do not attain liberation in Kali Age will at least become fit for birth in the coming Satya Age and attain the stature of the devas to excel in the Dharma according to that age. This is the reason why the present age is the age for Gurudharma, the Dharma -Spiritual Law- by the Guru. The Guru must be a true and fully realized Guru in the spiritual sense. That is all. He should be the spiritual authority over solar systems, this means he should know all about the energy fields of those planets, the good and bad influences of them, etc. Also we must be sure that he has come to this World by the Will of Brahman. A true Guru therefore is said to be everything from the Brahma -the Creator- to Parabrahmam, the ultimate reality.

        In this age, Kali, our efforts can reap the greatest of results. A gift has been bestowed on us, in all its fulness and truth. It is a great opportunity for all of us to be incarnated on this Earth, precisely on this age, because now we can attain total liberation. Every 4,320,000 years Kali Age begins giving us the chance to attain spiritual liberation, and as a result of this liberation

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    we won't have to incarnate and suffer any more. Kali lasts for 432,000 years. 5,200 years back, Kali began with the advent of Sri Krishna. Each age has different rules and the Yugadharma in Kali Age points out at doing positive karma -performing righteous actions, words and thoughts. We also have to be attached to the advices of a liberated Guru, through faith, devotion, surrender and love towards Him. If we do so, we will be immersed in the most dynamic path to attain spiritual liberation. Also we must remember not to pray to saints, angels, devas, Trimurti -Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva- or any other kind of deity who has not attained full spiritual realization, because if we do so, this can severely affect our spiritual evolution.

        An individual's karma -mode of action- consists of following grihadharma, the duty as a householder, pitrudharma, the duty to the manes, devadharma, the duty to the devas, and danadharma, the duty of charity. He can fulfill his karma by performing grihadharma properly, surrendering the three other Dharmas in the care of the Guru and following atmadharma, the duty of the soul according to the Guru's advice. A life can attain fulfillment in this manner. There are many ways to attain mukti, but this is the most dynamic and suitable path for attaining the highest goal in our spiritual development. This juncture of Kali is ideally suited for this consummation. It endows individuals with power to realize this Will of God, no matter what caste or varna one belongs to. Name, fame and learning are

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    not relevant. Nor even education. The only need is to find a Guru who receives revealed knowledge from the Absolute and keep attached to his advices. After this Kali such an opportunity will not be universally available. If we don't work hard in this Kali Age, for attaining spiritual liberation in ourselves, then we will have to incarnate over and over again until we reach the next Kali Age, waiting millions of years for that precious era to begin, because only in Kali, we can earn spiritual liberation. We must be aware that only every 3,888,000 years, this opportunity is made present on this Earth with a fresh start of Kali Age.

        Disciple: You have presented the Hindu time frame and life order but with such starting newness. We tend to be overwhelmed.

        Guru: Why do you falter? Have we not discussed it threadbare? It is enough to be firm in the knowledge that has been given to us. Undoubtedly there will be peace in the World. Let us work in the name of the Almighty in total surrender. You may trust this absolutely.

        God has given us the knowledge concerning the past Manus and their paramparas -incarnated and disincarnated souls who have followed Manu's doctrine or Dharma. We are called upon to act according to that order, to completion. If we do not, some error like what happened in the past might happen again.

        Disciple: Does it mean that if some disaster strikes any one planet as a result of this karmic error, the solar system itself can be destroyed?

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       Guru: No. A change in the present balance of elements in nature may change the known physical World. It could be growth or destruction, a physical change. There would be no change in the ethereal structure of the cosmos which changes only with the change of the Manvantara -period of time comprising of 306,720,000 years.

        Disciple: Are we to conclude then that the nature of this solar system changes only when a Manvantara cycle ends?

        Guru: Yes, it is so. Only at such a time would the solar system change.

        Otherwise the computations of not only this World but of several others will have to be reconstituted. The Almighty does not interfere in such manner.

        Disciple: You had said that there are other worlds more powerful than ours.

        Guru: Yes. There are certain spheres which can attract and capture not only the results of human action, but our Earth itself.

        Disciple: If that is so the Earth might be shattered or some other radical change might come over it. Is it not so?

        Guru: Yes. Did I not say that before? The physical World can change. Only the ethereal structure is a constant for the Manvantara.

        Disciple: According to what you have said, such disasters happen because of the astral accumulation of sins.

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       Guru: One should believe so. Only when we are convinced by this law can we do good and inspire others to do good. Should we not do as much as we can?

        Disciple: Should we take it that, from what you say, there would evolve a global awareness in this regard?

        Guru: Yes, that is how you should see it. According to the order of Manvantaras, only the period of seven Manus -comprising of a period of 306,720,000 years each- are almost over. If we could gather this much knowledge in the past seven Manvantaras, how much more can we gain in the seven more Manvantaras to go?

        Disciple: If it is so, should we not with a knowledge of the consequences of sin and beneficence, seek to accumulate more beneficence?

        Guru: Certainly.

        Disciple: People do not act according to this knowledge.

        Guru: It does not matter. People will act according to this knowledge eventually. Compare the present level of knowledge a country like Russia has with what it had fifty years earlier. Have they evolved or regressed? You will realize that there has been progress. Consider other communist countries, the more wealthy among the countries of the East and even our neighbors in Asia. No one has regressed in terms of knowledge. All have evolved.

        Each of these countries, with all the change and progress, is in the grip of

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    anxiety and confusion. When he becomes crazed with anxiety, man will automatically reach a stage where he is forced to look for and find remedial action. Besides the Will of God will cause it to happen. Suppose man does not respond to that Will. The same Will can cause a tilt in the balance of Nature, which is enough for all these people to feel that everything is falling apart. Then they will not know what to do, except cry out for succor.

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