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    Santhigiri Vidya Bhavan

        Development of culture which blends the rich tradition of our ancient sages and the dynamism of modernity, will lead us to the useful treasure houses of knowledge. Education aims to induce among the students, the virtues required for the complete development of man. Santhigiri Vidya Bhavan -school- aims to achieve this. The Ashram runs an English Medium Residential School, while giving proper emphasis to Malayalam, as well as the national language Hindi. The institution which helps in the transfer of the grand tradition of Santhigiri to the new generation, functions now at the school level. Efforts are being made to start a college, offering professional courses which, indeed, is the need of the time.

        The schools and colleges of the World, have audacity to claim that their duty is to make people efficient, and it is not their cup of tea to ensure that this efficiency is used to constructive and creative purposes. The Guru conceived of Santhigiri Vidya Bhavan -school- to be run by the selfless sacrifice of the staff members, who will not merely preach but practice. The time will come, if not to all, but at least the few of its alumnae, to ponder over the force that prompted their mentors to take up this extremely exhausting hours task, to make them what they are. Not to speak of their karma -actions- consolidating itself into a many faceted sacrifice, which will make the followers to metamorphose into

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    warriors of God, shaping the students to willingly enter into the crucibles for the redemption of self and others.

        Like this, beginning with the most menial of the tasks, to the highest in the hierarchal order, people have to be trained to think, to aspire to struggle hard, achieve the fruit and earn the right to transmit all these, to the better suited and stronger hearted next generation. That precisely is the aim, goal and reason for establishing it to run it, based on compassion for the humanity, and not to institutionalize and ingest rules and laws, based on suspicion and doubt towards the fellow men.

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