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    The Sanyasin Order of the Ashram

        The sanyasin -renouncer- order at Santhigiri, aim to shoulder the heavy responsibility of preserving the Dharma -Divine Law- of our tradition. It is based on traveling on the Dharma path with sacrifice and renunciation, accepting all the tribulations involved in it, utterly dedicated to meditation and the tapas -religious austerities- for wisdom. The sanyasins of this tradition, are called jnana thapaswis, and the sanyasinis -female renouncers-, jnana thapaswinis.

        Even at the ancient times, women were given adequate consideration in the field of spiritualism, and there were greats like Maithrai and Gargi, as evident in our epics. But the ages of degeneration that followed, witnessed the expulsion of women from their glorious position, and they were forced to traverse to the darkness of ignorance.

        The objective of giving sanyasa diksha -renouncer’s initiation- to women, is to uplift them in the spiritual field, giving them the opportunity along with men. This marks a great development in the history of spiritual evolution of mankind.

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