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    Santhigiri Ashram

       Santhigiri Ashram is the training center for anyone to come in, understand and assimilate the gist of the teachings of Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru, through a path oriented in action, in other words by doing karma -correct mode of action. The age old concept was that the deliverance -mukti-, beholds only the ascetics, such as yogis, rishis -sages-, avadoothas, etc., engaged in specialized spiritual practices, performances, asceticism, etc. A cohesive pattern engulfing every activity known to man, elevation from one activity to another, fully after accomplishing the previous ones, with the rights and wrongs of them, constituted by the vasana -subconscious inclinations and habit patterns created through experience- of the individual; the embossing of all these in the soul, is only essential in this period, but was never known to man. No karma or activity can be said to have been fairly and squarely accomplished in totality, unless that has been dedicated to the Almighty God. There are activities undertaken to fulfill the needs of the family, near and dear, their well-being, etc. Secondly, we come across people who are engaged in their chosen sphere of action, for a cause with total disregard for the safety, security and well-being of their family, friends, relatives and their own self. This may be a permanent frame of mind as in the case of some fanatics, those pursuing a political or other philosophy, patriotism, etc. It may also be a spur of the moment thing, as always seen in the wars as supreme sacrifice, etc. Such men though not many are yet available, but the third part consists of an activity for the Will of God, to prevail

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    in and pervade the World as a whole.

        The self or other men made philosophies, men’s desperate clinging to the material things or the men themselves do not matter. But the intention to redeem their souls and to present them as the foot soldiers who are not trained to slay the fellow men, but are engaged in the unenviable task of cleansing the souls of their fellow men, if not at least ending up as an instrument in that process, is the cause to establish the Santhigiri Ashram.

        Navajyothisri Karunakara Guru as always made a humble beginning with a small thatch roofed hut barely of twenty square feet. Now it has more than 1500 inmates from all walks of life, bulk of them are volunteers, who get their barest necessities, only in exchange for most grueling tasks for most of the day. The self imposed discipline to accomplish the existing work is a phenomena worth seeing to be believed. This is necessary not just to eke out a living, or to establish an order, held dear to one in the world, but a humble surrender, a selfless sacrifice on the altar of the Will of the Supreme -"for thine to be done as per thy wishes."

        Free food and accommodation are provided to all people who visit the Ashram. The Ashram is registered under charity organizations by the government of India.

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